4.12 The kids

9 01 2011

Quickchat with pinkcat53@yahoo.co.uk started.
“Hi.” Scarlet typed.
“Oh. Erm hi.” Pinkcat typed.
“I want to know who you are. How did you know about what was about to happen to the twins?” Scarlet asked.
“I like, know about the twins because Gavin was like telling me his scheme.” Pinkcat typed.
“But who are you?” Scarlet asked.

“An Annonomous person Edon.” Pinkcat typed.
“I mean Scarlet!” Pinkcat typed.
“Oh, so its you aye Elizabeth?” Scarlet typed.
“No! Of course not! And if it was, I’d like totally ask you to not say about this to anyone.” Elizabeth typed.
“Of course. 🙂 Bye Elizabeth.” Scarlet typed. *Scarlet logged out.*
“Scarlet come on, you need to go get changed!” Chase called.
“Ok one second!” Scarlet replied.

The family then had the funeral, where they all mourned the loss of their mother.

After everyone had paid they’re respects, the twins and Jack went to play on the playground and Scarlet and Chase sat down to have a drink of coffee.
“So, have you made a decision yet wheither your going to Egypt to visit Jason or not yet?” Chase asked.
“Erm…” Scarlet looked down at her cup not making eye contact. “Yeah I have. I’m going.” Scarlet said. “And have you made a decision yet?” Scarlet asked.
Chase let out a sigh. “Yes. I have. I’ve decided to let you go.” Chase said.

“What?” Scarlet asked surprised.
“Your 17 in a couple months and you get all this responsibilty. I’ve gotta let go and let you take control of your own life.” Chase said.
“Thanks Cha… I mean dad.” Scarlet said smiling.
“No problem.” he said smiling.
“I’ll be leaving tommorrow morning with Uncle Noah.” Scarlet said. Chase nodded and sipped his drink.

*The next day*
“So your leaving huh?” Chase asked.
“Yup. Noah and Avery are gonna come with their car and were going to set off for the airport.” Scarlet replied.
“Well… goodbye.” Chase said.
“Bye.” Scarlet said.
They looked at each other and hugged tightly, then when Noah and Avery arrived Chase waved goodbye.

“Hello.” Chase said smiling shaking the mans hand. “Chase Edon, … and you?” he asked.
“Tyler. Tyler Carr. I was… erm Ellie’s friend. May I see her?” Tyler asked.
“You better come in.” Chase said.

“So she’s dead?” Tyler asked.
“Yes. I’m sorry.” Chase said.
“Not as much as I should be. She was your wife… How are the kids?” Tyler asked.
“Well, Scarlet’s gone on a trip to Egypt, Jack’s fishing, and the twins are playing in the hobby room.” Chase said.
“The twins? I knew about Scarlet, and our child, but the twins?” Tyler said to himself.
“What, Jack he’s… yours?” Chase asked.
“Hmmm. It’s a long story, but were never truly an item.” Tyler said.

“Never an item? You obviously were you slept with her!” Chase said angrily. “Yes. I know you slept with her so the guys at work didn’t give you any grief. You totally used Ellie! And she had to pay by having another child, by herself!” He shouted.
“Her parents were there.” Tyler said.
“What? When you woke your mother up in mornings, did she come to help you, then rush off to work and then your grandparents would come in and help you? No. You have no idea what Ellie went through.” Chase shouted.
“I’m, I’m sorry. I didn’t know I needed contraception!” Tyler said wimpishly.
“What planet do you live on?” Chase said “Get out of my house now!”

“You cannot stop me seeing my son!” Tyler shouted.
“That’s what you’ve come here for?” Chase said rhetorically.
There was a long silence.
“Fine. I expect you know your way round here. He’s out back. But he doesn’t know who his real father is. He thinks it’s me. Ellies choise not mine.” Chase said.

“Hey son.” Tyler said.
Jack looked at him smiled then looked back at the pond.
“You going to reply?” Tyler asked.
“I’m not supposed to speak to strangers.” Jack said.
Tyler laughed. “I’m not stranger Jack. I’m your father.” he said.

“Wha? No you can’t be. My father is inside. His name is Chase.” Jack said.

“Listen son, he’s not your father. Like he isn’t Scarlet’s father either.” Tyler said.
“Oh yeah. Her father lives in egypt. How cool is that? So how are you cooler then my dad? Are you from France? Are you a super hero? Did you die and come back to life?” Jack said hopefully.
Tyler laughed. “I’m sorry. I’m just your average polition. I was an athlete like your mother, but I decided that career wasn’t for me. I do have a lot of money though. I could give you anything you want! Instead of sharing a this slightly large home with your family, I could buy you your own mansion next to mine, and a big car of your choice when your 17.” he said.
“I don’t want you to be my father.” Jack said.

“What? I’m your biological father Jack! You don’t get a choice!” Tyler said.
“Well, I don’t want you to be my father. You seem nasty. My dad is a kind man, even if he is a boring docter.” Jack said.
“Don’t be silly.” Tyler said forcing a hug on Jack.
“Get away from me you strange man!” Jack said pushing him away then running to Chase.

He gave Chase a big hug.
Chase laughed.
“Ok ok! I love you too little guy.” Chase said smiling.

“Go tell your brothers that it’s bed time and I’ll meet you all upstairs in 10 minutes k?” Chase asked.
“Ok.” Jack said.

“There only half brothers though arn’t they Chase?” Tyler said.
“He’s said that he doesn’t want you here Tyler. Just leave now. You can’t force him to love you.” Chase said.
“I can Chase! I’ll show you, he’ll want me one day Chase.” Tyler said walking out the door.

“Dad what’s for tea tonight?” Jack asked.
“Not another pizza. This is the third night in a row!” Cornelius said.
“Please dad, just do the kitchen.” Christian said.
“This is Ellie’s kitchen, she makes it, and she never got a chance too, so that’s how we’ll keep it.” Chase said.
“But dad!” Cornelius said.

“No buts! I’m the adult and you’ll do as I say!” he said angrilly.
The kids all slouched and shuffelled their way to the table.
“Yeah, I’ll have two medium pizzas please. One half Mighty meaty, and the other half pepporoni and then one full margarita. Yeah please. Thanks!” Chase said.

“Guys, we gotta do something about dad. He’s goin totally cyco about the kitchen.” Jack said.
“Yeah, if I eat another pizza, I swear I’m gonna be sick!” Cornelius said.
“Wait! I have an idea!” Jack said.

He headed to the phone. Cornelius and Christian looked at each other then followed.
“Hey, sis? It’s Jack.” Jack said.
“Oh, erm, hey Jack.” Scarlet said. “I kinda need to talk to dad.”
“Good, that’s why we called you. He’s acting all strange about mum. He keeps orderin in food instead of doing the kitchen. Can you convince him to fix the kitchen so we can have proper family meals again?” Jack asked.
“Sure, that’s perfect for what I want to talk to him about.” Scarlet replied happily.

“Yo, dad, Scarls is on the phone for you.” Jack said.
“Weird, I didn’t hear the phone ring. Never mind, I’ve been wanting to hear to see how she is.” Chase said taking the phone of Jack.
“Hey Scarlet!” Chase said.
“Hey, the boys told me about the kitchen. You said mum wanted you too look after us, is feeding us pizza every night good for us? Besides, she would of wanted a proper kitchen for everyone, don’t you think?” Scarlet said.
“Ya no, your right! I’ll make the kitchen the same as before again. Thanks Scarlet!” he said.

“Oh and dad, I’ll be moving in with Jason forever now, anyways cya!” Scarlet said.
“Woah? What Scarlet?” Chase said.
“Oh dad, you even said yourself you trust in me and that I’m responsible.” Scarlet said.
“Hmmm I suppose. But moving in with him?” Chase said.
“And his wife. They’re very nice to me.” Scarlet said.
“Ok… love you!” Chase said.
“Cya dad!” Scarlet said.




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