4.13 uh oh!

15 01 2011

Soon enough Jack became a handsome teenager and developed an interest in humor and comedy.

With it being Jack’s birthday it was the perfect time for Tyler to come and see his son, and with Jack not enrolled in high school yet, he was at home while everyone else was at school or work.
“Hello Jack.” Tyler said.

“I know you said that you didn’t want me to be your father but…” Tyler was interrupted.
“Dad, I’m sorry. You’ve been nice to me ever since you found out that you had me. You accepted me and been here for me. And, I’ve not been for you. I’m sorry.” Jack said.
“What, so, you’ll let me be your father now?” Tyler said.

“Definitely.” Jack said smiling.
“Good, because I’ve got someone for you to meet son.” Tyler said.
“Who is it?” Jack said excitedly.

“Come in!” Tyler called laughing. “Meet Jenny. She’s seen you around school and has been dying to meet you.”
Tyler left.

“Hey, your Jack Edon right?” she said excitedly.
“Yeah, nice to meet you Jenny.” he said smiling.

“I sit behind you in math and you’ve said hi once or twice, but I can’t help but wanna be with you. All the time. I know it sounds silly…” Jenny was interrupted.
“I don’t think it’s silly.” Jack said smiling.

“Oh, I knew you’d understand!” Jenny said pulling him in for a hug.

As they pulled away, they looked into each other’s eyes.
“Hey Jenny, you wouldn’t wanna go out sometime and do somethin would ya?” Jack asked.
“I’d love to.” Jenny said.

“In fact, how about now?” Jenny said kissing him.
“Sure.” Jack said smiling.

They spent the whole day together whether it was making lunch, or just plain relaxing on the bed. They soon found out they were more than just crushes on each other. They soon spent the final hours together, on the bed.
“Jack.” Jenny said.
“hmm?” he replied.
“Were alone. In a house, on a bed together. We could… show are love for each other?” she said.
Jack looked at Jenny. He did truly love her. So why not? He couldn’t think of a reason.
“Ok.” he said smiling.

As Chase arrived home from work, Jenny and Jack were holding each others hands and staring into each other’s eyes.
“Oh! Dad!” Jack said taking his hands off Jenny.
“Oh. Hi son.” Chase said smiling. “Who’s your friend?”

“Dad, Jenny. Jenny, this is my dad; Chase.” Jack said.
“Hey Jenny, it’s lov…” Chase stopped.
Chase looked at Jenny. He saw her, but not as he was supposed to. He looked at Jenny, and saw Ellie. She has beautiful blonde hair, her cute cheeks that wrinkle when she smiles. Her small eyes and eyebrows that rise so high when she is happy. And her nose that’s a bit bigger than average, but completes the picture.
“Dad.” Jack said.
“Dad!” he said louder.
“Oh erm. Sorry. Lovely to meet you Jenny.” Chase said.
“You too.” Jenny said looking at Chase embarrassed for him.

“Dad, I was just wondering if Jenny could stay for tea.” Jack asked.
“Sure. Jenny make yourself at home.” Chase said not making eye contact with Jenny.

After everyone had finished Dinner, the boys ran to play and the three were sat there in an awkward silence.
“I need the loo.” Jack said getting.
Jenny grabbed onto his arm and whispered “Don’t leave me!”
Jack removed her arm.
“I’ll only be a second.” Jack said smiling.

“Jenny I wanted to talk to you.” Chase said.
“Listen, I’ve gotta be home soon, so.” Jenny said getting up.
“But Ellie!” Chase was interrupted.
“Ellie? My names Jenny.” Jenny said.
“Oh sorry, slip of the tongue.” Chase said.

“But E… Jenny, I feel the chemistry between us. I know you do too. To Jack, your just a high school romance. But to me. You can have a mature relationship that can blossem.” Chase said going to kiss Jenny on the lips.
“Ew get away from me.” Jenny said pushing him away in disgust. “Your an old man who’s trying to make your son’s girlfriend have an affair with him with yourself!”
Jenny ran out the room and out the front door.

The following day Jenny and Jack met up.
“Isn’t this view amazing Jack?” Jenny asked.
“Sure is. But without you it would be nothing.” He said smiling.
Jenny blushed. “Maybe one day we could buy a mansion on a beach house with a balcony, and we can sit there every morning and watch the sunrise.” Jenny said.
“That sounds nice. But how will we afford it?” Jack said.
“Doesn’t your family have like a mega fortune.” Jenny said.

“Hmmm. But only the heir gets the money, it could be me, one of my brothers or my sister. Even if I win, we could only live on that lot. We can’t move, and we have to live with my dad.” Jack said.
“What? So, you won’t be like, rich when your older?” Jenny asked.
“No. But does that matter? Were together remember.” Jack said smiling.
“Hmm.” Jenny said a bit unsure.

As Jenny lay at home in her bed, she slowly, elegentally wrote in her journal.
Dear Diary, bad news, for Jack only has a 1 in fourth chance of being heir to all the money, and if he is heir, I’m afraid I shall have to get married to him and concieve many children to satisfy him for the legacy. Even if he happens to “mysteriously die in a fire”. Then one of his brothers or his sister would take his place unless I had a child. I cannot have a part of this family fortune… unless… he has a father! His father is very much in love with me, and marrying him, I would then recieve my fortune. No children nessisary. And then he will die of old age so I can enjoy the money myself! A perfect plan!
With love, Jennifer Seas.

“Chase?” Jenny said.
“Oh Jenny. Thank goodness your here. I just wanted to say thanks for not telling Jack about the other day. I’m sorry, I’m quite embarressaed about that.” he said burrying his head back into his book.

Jenny took her clothes off.
“What is it. You can go now Jenny. I don’t think Jack’s back though yet.” Chase said not looking back up from his book.
“I’m not here for him Chase.” Jenny said smiling.
Chase looked up.
“Woah.” Chase said.

She jumped on top of Chase and he just couldn’t resist. He saw Jenny as his Wife Ellie again, and she just found him as another way to fortune.




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