4.14 Growing up with Jenny

16 01 2011

Jenny’s and Chase’s secret affair went on for a long time.

But obviously Jenny didn’t want Jack to get suspicious. She had tried to break up with him, but just couldn’t find the right way to tell him she was in love with his father and wanted nothing more to do with him. So she invited him over often.

Soon enough it was Cornelius’ and Christian’s birthday. They invited loads of their friends (some who were already teens and some who were still in childhood) to their super cool pool party! And of course Jack’s (or should I say Chase’s) girlfriend was also there.

Soon enough it was time for the boys to grow up. First of all Christian grew up.

Who became very handsome and developed the charismatic trait.

Then it was Cornelius’ turn.

He also became charismatic.

Although, Christian very much envied Cornelius. They may of both been charismatic, but in a differant way. Christian was very confident talking about things he was good at… like maths and school. Where as Cornelius was more of a ladies man. He could chat any of the girls up in seconds, they constantly swooned over him. He could have any girl he liked. They were so very much alike, but not at the same time.

One night while Jack was waiting in the bedroom for Jenny, he found a book under her pillow. He smiled as he read it.
“I saw him again today. He truly loves me more than I can imagine!” he read.
“Chase is the most wonderful gentle man I’ve ever met. He’s amazing!” he stopped smiling.

“Hey babe.” Jenny entered smiling.
“Oh my gosh! Get off that. It’s mine!” Jenny said running towards the diary.

“It’s too late Jenny. I know what you’ve been up to.” Jack said in discust.
“I don’t know what your talking about.” Jenny said.
“Don’t play dumb with me! I’ve read it! Your cheating on me… but not with some other man… with my step father!” Jack said.
“Jack. I was going to tell you…” Jenny said.
“I’ve heard enough. Goodbye Jenny.” Jack said storming out the house.

“Oh, hey Jack.” Chase said.

Jack pulled up Chase by the shirt, Chase dropped his book in the unexpectance.
“Woah!” Chase said.
“You bastard!” Jack said.
“What?” Chase said.
“You slept with my girlfriend!” Jack yelled.

“Jack… It’s not what it seems like.” Chase said.
“What do you mean? You slept with her!” Jack said.

“It’s just you don’t understand!” Chase said.
“So Now I’m an idiot am I?” Jack said.
“Just give me a chance to explain Jack!” Chase said.

Jenny entered.
“Jack! Don’t do anything stupid!” Jenny said.
“Get away from me… both of you! I can’t stand this any more… I’m leaving.” Jack said.
“What! No Jack! No!” Jenny said.
“Where will you go?” Chase said.
“To my dad’s house. It’s just. I can’t live here anymore… I understand Scarlet now… this house. It’s cursed… Not one family member has made it through.

“Hey.” Chase said.
Jenny whimpered and tears ran down her cheeks while she sat looking at a picture of Jack.
“It’s ok.” Chase taking her in his arms.

“I know it’s just, even though I no longer loved him, I still wanted to be his friend…” Jenny lied.
“I know baby. It’s alright…” Chase said.
“I don’t know if I can even go home… Go to where the last time he was actually nice to me…” Jenny said.
“Well. Move in here! We can throw you your big 18th that’s coming up! We do have a massive house, you could throw 10 parties here at once!” Chase said.
“Oh thank you so much! I love you Chase!” Jenny said happy to hear what she’d wanted to come up.

That 18th was right around the corner, and Chase and Jenny got busy setting everything up… well Chase did, Jenny just left him too it. It was a big party were everyone brought their cozzies with them, there was music and dancing, and they started with Jenny becoming a young adult.

And Jenny grew up looking just as she did as a teen. Still as beutiful as ever… Learning to have no sense of humor.

Soon enough Jenny was dancing with another man at her party… and Chase was not happy…

“Jenny! How dare you dance so innapropiatly! It’s embarrasing!” Chase yelled.
“Jeez Chase chill out! It’s my birthday party and I’m just having a little fun with my friend Herman here.” Jenny said.
“Please Jenny. Don’t dance like that again, I love you and I couldn’t bare loosing you to some low life at your party.” Chase said softly.

Jenny laughed.
“Is that was this is all about?” she asked. “Chase listen, I love you more than every star in the universe shines, there is no one more I’d rather be with. I’d never cheat on you.” she said smiling.

“Then marry me.” Chase said.
“Wha.. what?” Jenny said.
Chase knealt down on one knee.
“I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I met you… If you truly believe those things you just said, you’d marry me.” Chase said.

“Oh yes! Of course I’ll marry you Chase!” she screamed with excitment.

As they fell into a loving hug, Chase couldn’t help but smile! He’d so glad he could marry Elli… no, Jenny…

And Jenny couldn’t help but pull an evil smirk as she was only weeks away from achieving ultimate fortune…




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