4.15 Christian

22 01 2011

This chapter tells the reader who becomes heir. If you don’t want to know yet for some unknown reason, please do not read until later, thank you. 🙂

“Guess what boys?” Chase said excitedly.
“What?” Cornelius asked.
“Me and Jenny, were getting married!” he said excitedly.
Neither boys replied. They both looked blankly into their father’s eyes. Was he serious? Christian turned around, he could not look at his father.
“You can be happy for my can’t you boys? What is it Christian?” Chase asked confused.

“How could you?” Christian yelled.
“You knew I was with Jenny, and weve been serious for some time now…” Chase said.
“I know, I thought it was just some flimsy one night stand with some cheap young girl who was Jack’s girlfriend may I add. But now your getting married? How could you. Mum loved you more than earth itself, and you can just replace her within a couple of years?” Christian said.
“Christian listen…” Chase was intterupted.
“No you listen! Either she goes, or I go.” Christian yelled.
Chase looked at Christian with puppy dog eyes.
“No dad. I’ll give you till the wedding day, then I’ll leave. Or stay depending on if you leave her.” Christian said.
“Fine!” Chase yelled. “Be stubbern. I know you hate her, but you could of given her a chance…” Chase said softly.

“Christian, I know your upset, but don’t take such drastic measures. I’m sure maybe we could give her a chance.” Cornelius said.
“Cornelius, I can’t believe what your saying? She’s young enough be dad’s daughter! It’s totally irrational, she’s gotta be here for something.” Christian said.
“I know what it looks like… but maybe she is here for love… we need to give her a chance Chris…” Cornelius said.
“I can’t believe it… my own twin brother… letting are own father replace our mother… You make me sick. I stick by what I’ve said. I will leave!” Christian said.

They’re my principals Cornelius!” Christian said with great feeling.
Cornelius looked into his brothers eyes, then looked down and sighed.
“If this is what you really want to do Chris…” Cornelius said.
“Thank you for understanding.” Christian said smiling. “Deep down you are a good guy.”

So what Christian decided, was that he was going to spy on Jenny. Every move she made… He soon realised she had a book.

She wrote in it everyday. Christian soon discovered it was a Diary.

And it’d surely have the answer why she was with Chase. However, she’d always have it hidden, he searched all the time for it, determined to find where it had been, but he was forever unsucessful.

One night Jenny went online… she wasn’t exactly the computer genius, so Christian hoped she did not know how to delete history.

With Christian being quite good with computers he sneeked in after Jenny, and checked the history… it had been deleted, well either that or it had been on private browsing… He was about to give when he noticed the button “recently closed”. He clicked the link… It came up with two tabs… One about which bank gave the best interest (indicating Jenny was quite frugal) and another showing booked flights… to Paris. The night they set off was night of the wedding. But there were no return tickets. He closed the tab and quickly snuck into bed. Before he fell asleep he pondered about why she had bought no return tickets…

“I’m telling you dad, she’s up to something. I know she’s not here because she loves you.” Chris said.
“And how do you know that.” Chase asked.
“I’ve been seeing her… doing strange things, like look for the best interest rates on banks… that’s a little insane don’t you think?” Chris said.
“She’s just looking for a way for our money to last!” Chase said.
“Well ok, but she’s only bought 1 way tickets to Paris for your honeymoon, explain that?” Chris said.
“Oh, myself and Jenny discussed this, we will be going over into work times and I’ve been allowed time off work, but I may need to return for an emergancy, so we could come back whenever we wanted…” Chase said.
“But what about that Diary of hers? She’s constantly scribbling in it.” Chris said.

“Listen, Chris, Jenny is perfectly sane, she wants nothing more than to spent her eternity of life with me and you two because she loves us. She’s not up to anything.” Chase said.
“But…” Chris was interruped.
“But nothing. Don’t you ever think that maybe what you’ve seen is a little biased because you think I’m replacing her with your mother?” Chase said.
“Hmmmm maybe…” Chris said.
“I’m not replacing your mother, she could never be replaced, but can’t you let me find happiness with someone else? It’s what she’d of wanted!?!” Chase said.
“Hmmm maybe…” Chris said.

“It’s finally here Chase. Your big day. Your wedding with Ellie!” he paused. “I just said Jenny then didn’t I? Not Ellie. Of course not! That’d be crazy!” Chase thought a bit unsurely.

“Come on Jenny. Just a quickie wedding, get to paris, and you’ll be home free with all the deeds, I don’t have to hand them over If I don’t want too then I can find a hot celeb and marry him. Ahh a dream come true.” She said dreamily. “But will I be able to live with the guilt of killing a man, and kicking two people on the street? Of course I can, they can go live with their half brother or half sister, and Chase can live with his wife in heaven… Yeah.” she said a little unsurely.

“Hello. Is this the Seas residence?” Christian asked.
“Yes it is. Can I help you?” a man asked.
“I am Jack Edon, Jenny’s ex.” Christian lied.
“Oh. Sorry Jenny’s not here.” The man said trying to close the door.
Christian put his foot out to stop the door. “I’m here to say goodbye… She will not let me see her so maybe I could say goodbye in her bedroom?” Christian asked.
The man gave Christian a funny look. “Ok. Be quick…” he said.

“Cornelius, where’s your brother? He’s supposed to be here now!” Chase said sweating.
“It’s ok. He’ll be here. He said he would.” Cornelius said.
“Oh. Ok. Good. He better not miss the reception though.” Chase said.
“He never would.” Cornelius said smiling.

“Come on Christian, do this for me, and Chase. Not her.” Cornelius whispered looking up at the sky.

Jenny began to walk down the aisle by herself. (She was not walked by anyone as he parents were not keen on her anymore as she’d gone to marry a man double her age against their wishes. Jenny said if it wasn’t her father, then it wasn’t anyone).

Christian burst into Jenny’s room. He looked around; she obviously hadn’t been able to decorate it herself… He looked around for the book.

He saw books on the desk he looked through them until he saw it… the diary! He started reading it.
“Today I am to collect the fortune, as it’s my wedding day to Chase. I wish this horrible day can be over and done with so he can mysteriously get run over in Paris then I fly back home and act sad. Then kick the twins out. It shouldn’t take long until I have the house and the money to myself…”

Christian gasped. He put the book into his bag and ran to the church as fast as his legs would take him! Forgetting the world around him focusing on his target! He couldn’t let this happen! He would never forgive himself if he didn’t get there in time!

“If there is anyone present who has a reason for this couple not to be wed in holy matrimony today, please speak now, or forever hold your peace…” The minister said.
At that moment Christian burst through the doors.
“Me! You cannot marry that woman dad!” He yelled.
“Christian!” Chase said in an aggravated voice.

Christian ran up to his father.
“This woman is only here for our fortune father! She has no interest in you or our family!” He yelled.
Jenny looked at Christian with an angry face.
“What proof do you have?” Chase asked in an aggravated voice.
“This book! It’s Jenny’s diary and it says how much of a gold digger she’s been since day one!” Christian said passing the book to Chase.

Chase scanned the pages and anger spread across his face as he turned to face Jenny.
“It’s true! How could you Jenny?” He asked in anger.
“I… I…. I’m sorry Chase!” Jenny said with tears streaming down her face.

Jenny ran as fast as she could! She’d done so much wrong to the family. She couldn’t take any more anger, rage or embarrassment. She’d gone… and she would never come back…

Chase pulled Christian into a mighty bear hug.
“I’m so sorry son. I should of believed you.” Chase said.
“It’s okay dad. I understand your sight was misted by your imaginary love towards Jenny that were pretty much just your old feelings for mum…” Christian said.
Chase released Christian.
“I’m sorry everyone, but obviously now the wedding is cancelled, you can all now return to your families and lives.” Chase said smiling. The three of them left towards their house and everyone else left behind them… Jenny was now behind them, and it was time to name the heir…

It was time. The three boys stood in a line.
“Boys, Scarlet said she cannot be here today, but a message has been passed onto her to tell her the good news that one of you will be heir. But living in Egypt I’m sure she’ll be happy for the new heir.” Chase said.

“Jack, I know you’re very happy with your father, and working towards your career in science, I know baring the weight of the legacy will be too hard for you. I’m sorry, you’re not heir.” Chase said.
“I am glad it’s not me, as that house is a death trap, but I know why you haven’t picked me. It’s because I’m not directly your son! And that’s why you haven’t picked Scarlet either. We would both make amazing heirs but you decided to pick one of the Jedward twins over there. You’re so shallow! Ugh!” Jack said storming off.

“Boys, I hope you understand that one of you is becoming heir because I think you’d be most suitable, not because your one of my sons’.” Chase said reassuringly.
“Of course. We know dad. You’d never stoop that low!” Cornelius said.

“Cornelius, I admire your laid back style, but I’m just not sure that’s strong enough to be the head of a legacy, I hope you understand.” Chase said.
“Well, I can’t say I’m not disappointed, but yeah, I think it’d be too hard for me. I understand completely dad.” Cornelius said smiling.

“Christian, you’ve always been so observant, so loyal, so trustworthy, your dream is to become an entrepreneur, I admire that you have set yourself a goal, and your ready to do whatever it takes to have that goal. When your 18th birthday gets here, I’ll be proud to hand over the deeds to the house and your mother’s sports arena, and the family fortune. Your going to be a great heir Christian.” Chase said smiling.
“Oh thank you so much dad! You won’t regret making me heir!” Christian said pulling his father in for a hug.




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