4.16 Twin Terror

23 01 2011

“Cornelius!” Chase said in an aggrivated tone.
“Hmm? Wat dad? Make it quick.” Cornelius said.
“No I won’t ‘make it quick.’ This is important! Sit up right lad!” Chase said angrily.

“I’ve had a phone call from school… They wanted to tell me you grades are dropping, and are very concerned about your education…” Chase said.
“No sweat dad… I’m going to be an athlete, or get a job in the military!” Cornelius said reassuringly.
“No Cornelius, the school will kick you out of extra curicular sports if you don’t maintain at least c+’s in Maths, english, physics, chemistry and biology.” Chase said.
“What? They can’t do that!” Cornelius said.
“They can… and will. Sort out your grades son, or else you won’t be able to continue playing sports…” Chase said walking out the room…

“What am I gonna do?” Cornelius thought.

So he worked.

And worked.

And worked.

And worked well into the night on all his subjects!

And he still couldn’t achieve c’s! How did his brother do it?
“That’s it!” Cornelius thought happily. “Chrisitan can tutor me!”

“What makes you think I’ll help you for nothing?” Christian said.
“Well, I could teach you to be good with girls?” Cornelius said.
“You could do that?” Christian asked.
“Yeah sure. Just help me get at least a c average!” Cornelius said.
“Course.” Christian said shaking Cornelius’ hand.

So Christian helped Cornelius study (using chess to stimulate his mind).

And Cornelius helped Christian get girls (becoming fitter to attract girls).

So as time went on, Christian become quite the romancer, especially to a girl called Mandie Bougorous. And now Cornelius was the quite nerd in the corner practising for his physics exam looking at the sky (in day), but his grades were still at a d+. He was very close and just needed a little more help!

Where as Christian, obviously no longer needed Cornelius’ help…

“Christian, please please please, just help me study for my big test tommorrow! I’ve gotta get a C otherwise I’ll be kicked off all the sport teams!” Cornelius begged.
“Sorry Cornelius, me and Mandie are going to the cinema tonight.” Christian said.
“What? But you wouldn’t even know or have Mandie if I hadn’t helped you!” Cornelius said angrily.
“You can study by yourself! Chill dude. Who cares about school anyways?” Christian said walking away laughing.

How could of his own twin brother done this to him? He now had to do the only thing he could do. Study by himself.

And he studied hard well into the night, while Christian was off with Mandie,

Eventually, Cornelius woke up by the laptop as he heard the school bus horn the following day. He jumped up and ran to the school bus only hoping he’d learn enough.

Chase asked the school to ring him as soon as they’d marked the results, so he waited at home for his son to return once he knew. Cornelius looked at his father. It wasn’t good news. His face was dissapointed. Cornelius walked up to him.

As Cornelius looked at his father, his face saddened.
“Ok. Tell me now. How bad did I do? Is it close? Obviously not otherwise you wouldn’t be as dissapointed… Just tell me… what did I get?” Cornelius asked.
Suddenly Chase’s expression turned around.

“You got a B+!” Chase exclaimed!
“I what?” Cornelius said happily.
“A B+! I’m so proud of you son. I told you if you put your mind to it you could do well! Keep up the good work.” Chase said proudly.
Cornelius walked inside with a smile on his face. He could now get back to work on his abs.

Christian walked past Chase.
“Wait. The school decided to tell me what you got too.” Chase said.

“School told me you’ve got a c-. Your grades have been decreasing rapidly lately Christian… What’s up?” Chase asked.
“Nothing!” Christian asked.
“Is it because of that Mandie? Is she distracting you?” Chase asked.
“No dad! I’m still passing. Why do I have to be so perfect?” Christian yelled.
“You don’t. It’s just you normally do so well. This isn’t you Christian.” Chase said.

“I suppose your right… But I can’t just leave my social life alone. But I can’t leave my studies either… What do I do?” Christian asked.
“Maybe you just need to balance yourself correctly. You may want to relax with Mandie sometimes, but you can’t just abandon your studies for her! Maybe after school, study with her or on your own till 5:30 then you can have the rest of the time to yourself or with Mandie.” Chase said.
“Yeah, I spose that sounds all right. Thanks dad.” Christian said walking into the house.

“What do you want?” Cornelius asked angrily.
“Listen Cornelius, I’m so sorry. I’ve been so pre-occupied lately, I was extremely horrible when I didn’t help you. I just hope you can forgive me. If there’s anything I can do…” Christian said.
“Your apologising?” Cornelius asked.
“uhuh.” Christian said.

Cornelius got up and walked to Christian.
“That’s all I needed to hear… Your my brother, and nothing can split us up.” Cornelius said smiling.
“Thanks Corey.” Christian said smiling. “You are a great brother.”




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