5.3 Joshua

5 02 2011

After… the incident, Joy and Chris soon forgot everything and got back into routines..
“And that’s all that needs finishing!” Chris said.
After a long silence Chris talked again. “Woah…”
“What is it?” Joy asked.
“This is all that needs doing…” Chris said.
“Yeah. It’s coming towards the end of my time with you.” Joy said.

“But that’s exactly my point! I feel so horrible that I won’t be able to see you again.” Chris said takin Joy hands, she pushed them away.
“But we will see each other!” Joy said.
“But not everyday like this! That’s what scares me the most. I’ll miss not being able to see you every day, I’ll miss your scent, I’ll miss not being able to lovingly stare into your eyes… I’ll miss you!” Chris said.
“No!” Joy said pushing Chris away and running out the room.

Chris chased after her.
“What is it Joy… What’ve I done to hurt you, what’ve I done to stop you letting me touch you and hug you?” Chris asked.
“No. It’s not you… It’s me… It’s my problem.” Joy said with tears running down her soft red cheeks…
“Then tell me.” Chris said.
“It’s a long story…” Joy said.
“I don’t care… Tell me!” Chris said.
“Ok…” Joy said.

His name was Joshua. He was my true love, at least I thought…

He was very romantic and we spent every moment with each other.

Until… the day. He decided to leave to fight in the war, I begged him to stay but he had his mind set on it… So I let him go.

But the man who returned several years later was not the man I knew.

“Oh Joshua! I’m so glad your back!” I said pulling him in for a kiss.
He pushed me away.
“Get off me!” he yelled.
“I was only trying too…” he interrupted me with an abrupt slap on the face!

“You’re my woman, and you don’t get to order me around! In fact it’s the other way around!” he yelled in anger.

I looked at his eyes. I looked for that loving caring man I once knew…

But all I saw was an emotionless recruit from the army.

I tried looking for that loving Joshua… but he was not there. I saw one that fought for fun.

One that would freak out if they couldn’t light the fire properly…

One that would constantly call me “his property” and one that hit me at the most minor of things.

And worst of all, he… did horrible things to me at night.

So one night, I took some money from the bank, and ran! Ran as far as my legs would take me!

And I stumbled upon your town. I used the money I took from Joshua, and bought a small house and became an interior designer.

“Ever since Joshua I’ve been afraid to be touched or be loved. But I couldn’t stop loving anyone who is perfect… Someone like you! But I swore to myself I wouldn’t let it become anything more, because when I first met Joshua, he was perfect. That’s why it can never be Chris…” Joy said.

“Oh Joy… I’m sorry. But, I’m sure I’d never go away to the army or do anything drastic like that. I’m a skimpy buisness man, I can barley lift a gun let alone use one.” Chris joked.
“I… I… I think you right Chris… And I’ve been fighting you away, when really, I should of been pulling you closer…” Joy said.

And they kissed amourously and had finally fallen in love!




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