1.13 An heirship

14 08 2010

This chapter tells the reader who becomes heir. If you don’t want to know yet for some unknown reason, please do not read until later, thank you. 🙂

Last time Jeremie moved in with the Edon’s. Sarah soon realised he was actually quite cute and wanted to sleep with him. There was 1 problem, he was with her older sister Gemma. So when Sarah turned to an adult, she decided to try on work on a plan to get him into bed.

She knew Jeremie was out at work all day, along with Gemma, so she decided to try out a few different techniques in town along the way.

Sarah was surprised it took so long to get him into bed, she expected it was because he didn’t want to open himself up to anyone too soon.

“Sorry Sol, I know we’ve had something special, but I’m not looking for any commitment, I’d like to just be friends please.” Sarah said. “What? But we just made love!” Solomen said. “I’m sorry babe.” she said.

Then she did the same with Alton Sims.

And then with his son; Siddihartha.

Then with Thornton Wolff.

And then their son Rodger. She was now ready, she was ready for the most important of them all; Jeremie.

“Kids, you know how important the legacy is too me, and you know why were all here. I’ve made my desision, and I will explain why I didn’t pick the others.” April said.

“Sarah hunni, I know how much I love you dedication towards music and artistic ways like myself, but I’m sorry, your not the heir.” April said giving her a big hug.

“Emma my baby, I love you more than anything in the world, but I know you want to aim towards your superstar athlete career more than the legacy. I’m sorry, your not heir.” April said.

“Gemma, your just like Dean with your logical ways, you can sort things out in a matter of minutes that would take me a millon years to figure out! Your the only one who knew how to figure out our first home computer when it wasn’t working, and your money saving skills are amazing, but you get a little worried sometimes, and I can’t have an heir getting scared about what is to come. She has to be brave! Although, I do know you and Jeremie will be happy together and you know… I don’t mind if you want to have kids.” April said. Sarah scowled at Gemma. “Mum!” Gemma said. April laughed “I love you hunni. I love all of you and you can stay here as long as you want.” April said.

“Emma, I know you’re not going to let me down. I know you have enough confidence to keep up a strong household, I know you will pick up a nice strong handsome man to help you. I know this is your only dream to full fill. Well done darling.” April said. Little did she know, Emma did have another dream that she had not told her mother. To become the ultimate Emperor of evil in the small town of Sunset Valley.

“So hunni, how did it go?” Jeremie asked. “It’s not me babe, but we can stay here as long as we want and mum will help chip in for our house.” Gemma said. “Oh good. We shall stay until we can at least afford half.” Jeremie said leaning in to kiss her.

Once the twins had gone to school and Jeremie, Gemma and Dean had gone off to work their was just April and Sarah home. “Hunni, are you okay with not being heir? I know you could of been great but I know you’d prefer doing something else in life rather then being pulled down by responsibiltys.” April said. “Yeah, thanks mum. Inside I knew it would of never worked.” Sarah said. “Talking of work hunni, when you sister turns into an adult she will be having kids and there’s not going to be a whole lot of space. You’ll eventually have to get a job and well, it’s best to get on your feet now rather then later, maybe you’d like to become a hit movie composer or something?” April asked. “Oh mum. I’m not ready for that yet, I know Gemma never went out clubbing anywhere, but it doesn’t mean I can’t. She wasn’t exactly popular. But I promise, when Emma becomes an adult, I’ll go down to the theatre and get a job on my way to being a rock star.” Sarah said. Neither of them were really happy and telling the full truth. Sarah did want to become a rock star, but that wasn’t why she wasn’t already on her way to the theatre, it was because she wanted Jeremie before work and April wasn’t happy because she didn’t want her daughter going after an unstable dream like a rock star.

April soon enough painted a picture of Emma (wearing her favourite colour red ;)) marrying a handsome prince. She had a dream, and she didn’t want her own flesh and blood ruining it so early. She tried to make as many hints as possible around the house.


1.12 Moving in and growing up

7 08 2010

Gemma and Jeremie had been together almost 6 months now, they both loved each other and had known each other for about 8 years now. Jeremie was ready to take a chance so he asked. “Gemma, we’ve not been together as a couple for long, but we’ve known each other most of our lives. I’m ready for the next step. Let’s live together! Move in here with us!” he said. “Erm… I’d love to live with you, but maybe not here. Move in with me, there’s already 8 including you in this house, and in my house there are 6 in mine including me. Plus only the heir and the parents stay in the house, and mum said she’d buy the other children houses of their own.” Gemma said. “Of course baby! Anything for you!” he said smiling.

“hmmmm so your living with us now aye?” Sarah asked. “Yeah.” Jeremie said. “I knew you and my sister so fancied each other! Anyway, It’s bad enough with one social disaster in the house, we’re not going to have another! So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna give you like… a total maker!” Sarah said. “I’m not so sure that’s my kinda thing.” Jeremie said. “You look like a farmer for gods sake!” Sarah said. “I like gardening.” Jeremie said. “This is gonna be harder then it looks.” Sarah said.

First of all she set his casual clothes for everyday use.

Then formal.

Then woahza! Athletic.

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! He’s got a six pack! He’s actually kinda cute without those dodgey clothes! I’ve seen him with Gemma, he’s a great kisser, and woah at that six pack. He’s an older man as well! He’s totally mine!

From then on she made sure he was topless all the time!

She kind of regretted not making the other outfits topless!

But whatever she did, she was going to make Jeremie hers, no matter what.

Jeremie and Gemma were the “inbetweenies”. They were too good for nerds, and too nerdy for populars, so they hung out together at a normal level. So they were never interested in night clubs, so they were already ready for full time jobs. Since Jeremie loves the outdoors, gardening and fixing things, he decided to go for a job at the local science department. Since Gemma was a total bookworm and logic master, she went for a job in medicine like her dad, but she wasn’t there to become like Dean, just so she could earn something. Her real dream was to become a chess legend and maybe even a stay at home mum!

Soon enough the twins were all grown up! (Well teenagers ;)) This is Emma. She is now a loner, athletic, evil and a genius.

And this is Madison. She is now disciplined, athletic, inappropriate and a light sleeper.

Gemma and Jeremie decided to chip in for the birthday present for the twins, since they were staying there for free without any rent, they each payed 1 quarter. Then April and Dean paid the other half.

Sarah was finally an adult now. She knew she never wanted any serious relationships so she decided she wanted to be a heartbreaker. But at the moment, there was only one guy she wanted, and she’d put her dreams on hold to get him into bed with her. She knew now she was finally an adult she could make it happen between them.

1.11 Pulling back the pieces

31 07 2010

Last time, Sarah started dating the guys, and Gemma found out she had a stalker. He knew her name and he asked to speak in private. It ended up being Dean and Jeremie comforted her about him. She now has the decision to bail him out, or not trust him and leave him.

“Don’t be late after school tonight Gemma okay?” April said smiling. “Huh?” Gemma said. “Your big 18th? I was going to give you a party!” April said. “I always wanted one when I was younger, but my parents died and my sister looked after me.” “Erm, sorry mum, I don’t really want a party this year. I’d prefer to just hang with Jeremie after school.” Gemma said. “Are you sure? Not even your family?” April said. Gemma gave her an awkward look. “Okay okay, your right, 18 means your free of you family. You can stay at Jeremie’s house if you want to baby girl.” she said. “Thanks mum.” Gemma said smiling.

“Oh Gemma! I’m so glad you came.” Dean said. “Oh and happy birthday! Maybe we can go to the cinemas afterwards!” “Erm, I’m going over to Jeremie’s house.” Gemma said. “Jeremie?” Dean asked. “Oh, he’s my best mate.” Gemma said smiling. “Oh good. I don’t want any funny business.” Dean said. Gemma laughed, “But go home, and see mum. She’s missed you a lot recently.” Gemma said. “Of course.” Dean said. They walked into the police station.

“Hey Jeremie. This is my step dad, Dean. It’s really him!” Gemma said. “Oh Hey Mr. Edon. Gemma, I thought you were staying over here tonight.” he said. “Oh yeah I know, I’d just wanna give him a makeover before he goes home. To see mum.” Gemma said. “Oh, yeah ok sure. I’ll give you a special birthday one too!” He said smiling.

I give you; Dean! (Who was later given back his job at lvl 8).

And Gemma! She became a bookworm.

“Hey babe, it’s me!” Dean said smiling. “Oh my gosh! Dean! I’ve missed you so much!” April said excitedly.

“But… how?” April asked. “Oh baby, I’ll explain everything. We can go inside and I’ll tell you about it.”he said. “And see the kids again?” April asked. “Yeah, Sarah, Gemma and the other baby!” Dean said. “Erm, actually it’s Sarah, Gemma and two wonderful twin girls.” April said smiling.

After Dean explained what happened, they sat the twins down to tell them about their dad. “Madison, Emma, I’d like you to meet; your dad.” April said smiling. “Hello little angels, I’d love to get to know you.” Dean said. “Do you like art like mummy?” Madison said. “What about writing, I hear only wussys like writing.” Emma said. “Kids! Be polite!” April said. “It’s not like your married yet or anythin.” Emma said. “Actually, we are married. It’s a long story but we got told your daddy was dead when you two were in my tummy.” April said. “huh?” the girls said.

Of course sweet Madison was the first to run over to Dean and give him a big hug. But enough from this place in town, lets go to Gemma.

“hey.” Gemma said walking out to the balcony to Jeremie. “Hey.” he said. “It’s nice to watch the surroundings when you need to think aye?” Gemma said. “hmm.” He said turning around.

“woah….” he said. “I mean… woah… you look…..” Jeremie said. “Woah?” Gemma said laughing. Gemma looked at Jeremie gazing into his eyes. Who’d been there when she needed someone most? Who could she ask about her worries all those years. Maybe it wasn’t just a friendship. she thought.

Gemma knew what she wanted. But how could she do it. Neither of them had ever even kissed anyone before. So she took a chance. She leaned in, he hands flicked up and kissed him gently on the lips.

“What happened to ‘just friends’?” Jeremie said smiling. Gemma blushed.

Jeremie pulled Gemma in and they romantically made out.

That night the two were intimate for the first time ever with anyone! 🙂 At first Gemma was a bit worried about being naked, but soon realised Jeremie was “the one” and decided to do it.

1.10 Boys, Boys, Boys

24 07 2010

Last time the family were trying to deal with the loss of Dean. April had the babies at home (Madison and Emma) and tried to get Gemma to go to Neuritic appointments but she refused. Sarah grew into a teen and became flirty and a great kisser. She had not yet started with the guys yet though.

But that didn’t stay that way for long as she was already with an older popular guy. His name was Taurus. However, Sarah didn’t think he was all that good at kissing, and decided to try and spot what else she could find.

The girls were now children and could go to school. (Just before April’s maternity leave ended too!) This is Emma.

And this is Madison.

With Sarah and the twins growing up, the house had to be updated a lot.

Although the twins had a lot not in common. They both loved sports. Although, they worked out for different reasons. Emma liked it because it could really help her when she joined the criminal career (she is evil after all). And Madison did it for her material arts skill.

Every morning Madison worked out, and every night Emma worked out. They loved doing it but they couldn’t stand working out together, they’d end up in a fight as they both despised each other.

And of course within a day, Sarah was already with another guy. His name was Jeremiah Mejia. (Don’t worry, this isn’t Jeremie; Gemma’s friend =D ). She liked his kissing a lot more then Taurus’ but it still wasn’t the best.

So the next day, Sarah went and sat next to Gemma. “Hey sis!” Sarah said. “What do you want off me?” Gemma asked suspiciously. “Can’t I just be nice to my sister without wanting something?” Sarah asked. “No. Come on, what do you want?” Gemma asked. “Okay okay. I wanna go ‘accidently’ run into the popular guys from my math class at the gym, but mum won’t let me go without someone responsible.” Sarah said. “What? You mean the ‘special maths’ group? ha. I’m so good at math I’m in express math.” Gemma gloated. “Whatever. Anyway, please please please come. Anyway, you can tone that tummy of yours for a special Jeremie.” Sarah said smiling. “What? I don’t like Jeremie! Were just friends.” Gemma said.

“Yeah, ‘good’ friends. Everyone at school knows you guys have the hots for each other.” Sarah said. “Whatever.” Gemma said. “So, will you please please please please come with me!” Sarah said giving Gemma a puppy dog face. “Fine. But not for Jeremie, just because I want to get more sporty, If I want to be heir I have to look good for the guys.” Gemma said. “Right.” Sarah said sarcastically.

“Hey sis, I told you to were something sexy, not something that looks like it’s out of mum’s wardrobe.” Sarah said chuckling to herself. “It’s the only athletic gear I have. Plus, it’s comfy.” Gemma said. “Whatever, just stay away from me and the boys okay, I don’t want them knowing were sisters.” Sarah said. Sudenly Sarah’s face lit up. “Ooh! My friends are here! Cya loser!” Sarah said running away happily. As she moved Gemma noticed a man dancing behind her.

There was something about him that she recognised. What was it?

What was more she started seeing him everywhere she went. Who was he? He followed her to the park, the library, the gym.

One day at the art museum she’d had enough. Who was he? What did he want? Why didn’t he just come over and chat with her? She had to find out.

“Right mister! Who the hell are you? And why are you following me around everywhere I go….” she spat. “Gemma.” he said. “And that’s another thing how do you even know my name? Are you some kind of stalker….” She yelled. “Please Gemma, be quiet. I need to talk somewhere. And In private.” he said.

“Okay. Spill it.” Gemma said. “Gemma. It’s me. Dean. I need your help.” Dean said. “What? No. My dad died in a fire 6 years ago. It’s impossible.” Gemma said. “No, I escaped. I found a window partly opened and squished through it. I called the fire station to sort out the fire. But when they asked Alan how the fire started, he said I started it. He said I was trying to kill Alan but got myself stuck. The police are after me, I had to change all my clothes and my hair, I’ve been hiding out with an old friend. But all I need to be free is your testament to show that you were there and what really happened. Further investigations will undergo and they will find out the truth that I, did not start that fire. Until then, you cannot tell the family about this. If they don’t get enough evidence I’ll go to jail, and I’d prefer for the family to know me die as a hero, rather then a criminal.” he said. “wha… sorry. This is all too much. I gotta go.” Gemma said. “If you do believe me, go to the police station tomorrow, I will be near their waiting until 6pm. I hope you come.” he said.

“Jeremie, I need some advise.” Gemma said. “Of course, anything for you.” Jeremie said. “It’s Dean. Before, that weird stalker came up to me, he said he was Dean! He said my dad blamed the fire on him trying to kill my dad. So Dean’s being hunted down by the police. All he needs is my statement to let him go. But, I’m not sure it is Dean. Please help! My family arn’t to know and your the closest thing to my family.” Gemma said. “Gemma. If he wasn’t Dean, how could you make a statement to the police for him. Plus, his story is completely logical. Maybe you should go but then ask him questions only Dean will know.” Jeremie said.

“Thanks Jeremie. Your the best friend ever.” Gemma said. “Yeah, friend.” Jeremie said with a sad look on his face.

1.9 Coping with loss

17 07 2010

Gemma loved Dean so much, she decided to dedicate part of the land to him. She put up a painting of him on a wall and put a fence around it. It was the Edon graveyard. Even though they didn’t have his body underground, it didn’t mean they couldn’t put up a painting to commemorate him. April visited it every morning. She put roses on it too. She loved him so much, and now, he was gone. He died a hero, and she liked it like that. She just wished she could of spent longer with him, and maybe he could of met their baby. Also, Gemma soon enough realised the family wasn’t going to be earning much anymore with Dean gone, so she decided she’d become a docter just like Dean when she got older.

Of course April was on maternity leave, but without Dean’s money from work, they were getting much less money and they needed more money for the baby, so April started painting again. She normally painted blue paintings or love paintings. To symbolise her love of Dean and her loss of Dean.

Of course Dean played a big role in the girls’ lives. Without him it was hard for them to concentrate, but they tried, he kept them going.

Gemma also made a new friend though, this helped her through. He listened when she was worried, and he was always there for her. They were good friends. His name was Jeremie Moss.

Then about a week before the baby was due she went into labour! She had no way to the hospital and Gemma was at Jeremie’s house.

So after an hour, finally the babies, yes babies were born! Twins! This is little Emma Edon, she is a little evil sometimes, and hates the outdoors.

This is little Madison Edon, she is disciplined and is a light sleeper.

On one of the days Gemma went to see Jeremie, he leaned in to kiss her. “Jeremie! What are you doing?” Gemma asked pushing him away. “I thought you wanted to be with me too?” he said. “No Jeremie. I’m not ready for a relationship at the moment, Dean just died! And anyway, my last relationship made that happen. He told me about my father, I went after him, I got trapped in a fire, Dean rescued me but then ended up dying! I’m not ready Jeremie.” Gemma said.

“I understand.” he said. “Thank you Jeremie. I hope we can still be friends though yeah?” she asked. “Yeah.” he said smiling.

Soon enough there was twice as much teenage tension because Sarah grew into a very beautiful teenager.

But April was totally unaware that her teenage daughter was becoming kind of a slut because she was mother two teens, two toddlers, and had to balance family with needs, skills and work!

“Hey mum, I was just thinking, I’m on honour roll at school, and I’m doing fine in all the other aspects of my life, but here you our slaving away at work and at home with the twins, I’d like to help you out, I was thinking of getting a job at the book store, what do you think?” Gemma asked. “Hmmm, I’m not sure you should Gemma, I’m fine here with the twins and work. Anyway, I’ve got some appointments for you to go to afterschool anyway.” April said passing over a leaflet. It said Feeling neuritic lately?.

“What? Why would I need these?” Gemma said. “I don’t freak out all the time!” She shouted “I’m fine!”. “Please hunni. Listen to yourself. I only ever want the best for you.” April said. “No, I’m just any other normal teenager! You hear me?” Gemma yelled throwing the leaflet to the ground. “Dean would want you to.” she said. “Oh go on then! Use the guilt trip off Dean. Thanks a lot for bringing that up!” She yelled storming out the room.

“What do you want!?!” Gemma said. “Hey sis, just chill, otherwise it could lead to like, grey hairs and wrinkles!” Sarah said worryingly. “Whatever.” Gemma said. “Gemma, if you want a job when your older, you can’t be yelling at the boss all the time. You’ll be fired! You know what you have to do to get rid of that.” Sarah said. “I’m perfectly fine! Why does everyone keep telling me to go to those stupid appointments!?!” Gemma yelled. “I never said you did.” Sarah said walking out the room.

1.8 Hurtful Days

10 07 2010

Authorial Interjection: Some of the images below depict graphic violence–if you have recently experienced a traumatic or violent event, you should consider reading this chapter at a later date, when it isn’t so fresh. I try to make it clear that this story deals with graphic images and situations more fitting for a mature audience, because the last thing I want to do is upset someone. Unfortunately, there’s only so much I can do, so please be aware that you are reading at your own risk. Thank you.

Last time Gemma became Carmen’s girlfriend. She soon realised it wasn’t meant to be and broke them up. Carmen decided to throw it in Gemma’s face and tell her about her REAL father. Gemma soon realised she needed to ask someone for the truth. Her mum.

“You wanted to tell me something hunni?” Dean said. “Yeah, come over here and I’ll show you babe.” April said.

April took Dean’s hand and put it on her stomach. Dean gasped with excitement. “It’s pretty weird I didn’t have any sickness this time though… So is it a boy or a girl?” April asked. “A little…. erm… I can’t tell. Well, it will have to be a surprise then won’t it. Dean said smiling. “I’ll go pick up some more baby stuff from the store. You tell the girls. Okay?” Dean said. “Okay!” April said.

“so…. what was SO important that you needed to interrupt my artwork for school mum?” Sarah asked. “Well. It’s about the family. There’s going to be a little more love in this family. I’m pregnant!” April said happily. “Alright! I’m no longer the youngest.” Sarah said. “Aren’t you a little old mum?” Gemma asked. “What for? Kids? No no.” April replied laughing. “No I mean for cheating on Dean.” Gemma said. “What? No I’m not. It is your fathers.” April said. “So who is he then? My father that is. Sarah’s is Dean. Who’s mine?” Gemma asked annoyingly. “Sarah, go to bed please. Me and you sister need to chat.” April said. “But mum! It’s only half 7!” she wined. “Sarah! Now.” April said. With that Sarah quickly ran out to her bedroom.
“When did you find out? An by whom?” April asked. “Carmen told me. This morning. We broke up and he yelled I was as crazy as my father. But not my Step father Dean. My real father. So who is it?” Gemma asked. “No. I’m not telling you. He’s bad news. He wanted you dead Gemma.” April said. “Maybe he won’t anymore! Mum, did you even think of him? Maybe he regrets it and wants me now!” Gemma screamed. “Gemma, I know your upset, but please calm down. Life isn’t a fairytale.” April said. “What? Am I going crazy. JUST LIKE MY DAD!” Well who cares. You can’t stop me seeing him. Dean can’t stop me seeing him. No one can!” she yelled in her mums face. She ran out the door. April expected her too go to her room. This was a trait. Carried down from Alan. She needed it to be treated. April walked out the door to go find Gemma.

But when she got to Gemma’s room she was worried. “Gemma? Gemma where are you hunni?” she asked worryingly.

April ran to the living room to find Dean. “Hey hunni what’s the matter?” Dean asked. “It’s Gemma. She ran away, she’s gone to find Alan. He tried to kill her when she was just a baby. When she gets onto his doorstep, he’ll kill her for sure!” April yelled. “Hunni! Hunni. She’ll be okay. Look after the baby to be at the moment. I’ll find Gemma. You stay with the baby and Sarah.” Dean said. “Okay. But Dean.” April said. “Yes?” Dean asked. “Be careful. The last thing I want is for you to be hurt.” April said. Dean nodded and left.

“Hello, Alan Spark?” Gemma asked. “Yes that’s me.” Alan replied. “You may not know who I am at the moment, but please, let me in and I can explain.” Gemma said smiling. “Of course. I never say no to a lady!” Alan said.

“Dad. It’s me. Your daughter. Gemma!” Gemma said. “My… daughter? Oh. Daughter of April.” He said scowling. “Hey? Do you want a surprise?” he asked. “Yeah! Your the best dad ever! She said. “Okay!” he said laughing. “Turn around and close your eyes. Relax and pay no attention to your surrounds.” Alan said. “ok.” she said turning around.

She closed her eyes. She tried blocking out the sound but she couldn’t help but hear a scratch of a box of matches. She couldn’t hold it in any longer. What was it? She turned around and opened her eyes. Suddenly she felt very warm.

“Ahh! Dad help. The fire! It’s coming towards me!” She screamed. “I’m sorry baby girl. You were never supposed to be born. I’m putting an end to it right now!” He said. Then he walked out the room. He couldn’t bear to kill someone.

“Dean! Thank goodness your here! Help me!” Gemma screamed. “Okay Gemma. I’m coming.” He said. He grabbed a fire hydrant off the wall and started spraying the fire.

Gemma started to realise. Even though Dean was not her real father. He loved her more than Alan. Dean was the best dad she ever had. How could she of wished for a different one?

Dean got rid of the flames and jumped over to Gemma. He pushed Gemma to safety, but the flames started burning faster, and Dean had no escape! “Dean! Here I’ll go get help!” Gemma said frantically. “No. It will be too late. Just go without me.” Dean said. “No! Your the best dad I could ever ask for! Your kind, sweet, and you never cared that I wasn’t your daughter. You loved me, just because you did!” Gemma. “I’m sorry Gemma. Just leave. I don’t want you to see me die. But always remember this. I loved you and your mother and your sister and the baby more than anything in this world.” He said. With that Gemma nodded and left.

“Oh thank goodness your alright Gemma! Where’s Dean? What’s happened?” April asked.

Gemma started crying. April realised where Dean was. And gave Gemma a reassuring hug. “Oh baby girl. It’s okay. It’s not your fault. Don’t cry.” April said.

1.7 The home wrecker

4 07 2010

After a long nine month pregnancy, April finally had her little baby girl; Sarah. She was artistic and virtuoso just like her mother!

April had been through so much, and she felt she needed a new image. She was finally married and happy. She needed a new look.

She decided to get back into her painting too. She also decided she wanted to paint pictures of the whole family, whether they were heir or not.

As much as she loved painting, she also loved her music. So she decided to throw herself into her career and start playing for tips at the park whenever she could.

Dean kept working hard and eventually got a promotion so he didn’t have to work nights anymore.

And of course little Gemma kept at her logic skill.

Soon enough little Gemma turned into teenage Gemma. Although, she wasn’t a normal teenager. She was also quiet, she got scared easily (neuritic), saved up all her money (frugal) but yet, was a a very intelligent young lady. She didn’t have many friends.

Until she found someone who liked her for who she was. He was a young (not so) handsome guy from some of her classes. His name was Carmen Vatos.They became good friends they always chatted about school and homework.

Eventually he pulled her in for a kiss. Gemma didn’t really like him as more than a friend, but adored the attention from a guy, so she went with it. They became more than friends after that.

Of course, soon enough Sarah became a little girl. But April was a bit worried that she cared too much about how she looked. She seemed to spend hours doing her hair and she was even wearing make up at such a young age.

One saturday afternoon Gemma was chatting to Carmen on the phone.

“Ugh, your not still going out with that Carmen guy are you?” Sarah asked. “Yeah! Why wouldn’t I?” asked Gemma. “Well, it’s not very good for you image, and it’s not doing wonders for my rep either.” Sarah said. “I don’t care what people think, I care about the important things like personality and brains. ya no?” Gemma said. “Yeah, coz that’s important. When I grow up and become a rock star, even the cutest guy would pay to kiss me. You see, I attract the guys, you repel the guys. Well, you attract the weirdos anyway.” Sarah said laughing. “Carmen is not a weirdo! He’s very intelligent and sweet, and he likes me for who I am, not for how I look.” Gemma said. “Whatever.” Sarah said walking away.

But Gemma did kind of agree with Sarah. Carmen was just the first guy to give her any romantic attention, she was never going to actually marry him or anything like that. She realised, why be with him? It’s not for popularity because he’s actually doing the opposite. So Gemma decided, she needed to dump Carmen.

So the following day she invited him round for lunch. After lunch she went over to him. It was time. “Hey Carmen, we need to talk.” Gemma said. “Erm, okay.” he said a bit confused. “Listen, you and me had something, but… I don’t think it’s working out Carmen. Do you think we could be just mates?” Gemma said.

“What? No. Your not breaking up with me! I’m the best thing that ever happened to you. Your just… just… funny in the head! Yeah, I’ve known that, but I went out with you for pitty. Your just as mental as your dad!” Carmen spat. “What? My dads not mental! He’s a docter for gods sake!” Gemma yelled back. “No I mean your real dad. Not your step dad, Dean. Jeez listen Gemma.” Carmen said disgustedly. “My real dad?” Gemma said confused. “Oh, you don’t know. Ask your lying mother then. Your whole family has major flaws that need working on. Seriously.” He said storming out the house.

Gemma was worried. Was Carmen telling the truth? There was only one person who could tell her, and she wasn’t sure whether she would tell her.