2.13 Knifes, Wifes and growing up

16 10 2010

Warning, this chapter has certain amounts of violence, if you recently experienced any traumatic happenings please read this at a later date when itโ€™s not so fresh. Thank you, now on with the chapter! xD

With Emma being the head of the legacy now, she was tired of the green and brown theme and redesigned a whole new house! They stayed in a hotel for a while, while the house was renovated.

This is the ground floor with the obvious cellar still there for Emma and Olivia’s wine cellar, on the left are some stairs to the first floor

This is the first floor. Really just bedrooms and bathrooms.

One night, Jackson arrived home early from school, it was a half day as it was end of term, he walked through the door. The only thing he could hear, was his little brother Lucas’ screaming! He ran to the nursery!

He ran into the nursery only to find Edward, his step father stealing a simple lollipop from Lucas! How could he! His grandfather was right, Edward was neglecting Lucas for fun! Jackson couldn’t just stand here and watch! Edward saw him and chased after him, Jackson ran to his new room.

“Listen you brat, I’ve only been nice to you because I wanted a date with your mother, the act has been going too long, I’m legally your guardian now until your 18! So you listen to me! Your mother doesn’t need to hear about any of this. If she does, you’ll be sorry you told her. Got it?” Edward yelled in Jackson’s face.
“Erm… erm…” Jackson said.
“I said do you understand freak? Jeez you weren’t even this bad in our meetings! Do you understand me freak?” he said.
“Yes sir!” Jackson said.
“Good!” Edward said storming off.

But Jackson was totally happy. He’d got everything he needed. How he loved technology, even if he was insane, he wasn’t dumb.

By the time Emma returned home, it was starting to get dark. “Mum, we gotta talk.” Jackson said. “Is it important? I have a ton of stuff to do!” Emma said. “Yes.” Jackson said. “It’s not about heirship is it?” Emma asked. “No, worse…” Jackson said.

As Jackson showed his mother the video he could see the anger range, sorrow and sadness fill her eyes and gasps. He felt like he shouldn’t of shown it her. But he had too! For the sake of the family.
“Thank you Jackson, see I can rely on you for anything thank you.” Emma said trying to smile but miserably failing.

“Oh hey hunni! Just been out in the garden hanging out with Ethan.” Edward said smiling.
“He’s not the only son of mine you’ve been hanging out with lately is it?” Emma said.
“What?” Edward said laughing.
“You’ve been hanging out with, I don’t know, Jackson, Lucas.” Emma said.
“What?” Edward said fake laughing.

“Oh. Jackson been talking to you aye. Yeah before he said to me your dad was flying in the sky. He’s a bit insane sometimes.” Edward said laughing.
“Don’t you talk about my son like that! The only person in this house who’s insane is you!” Emma said.
“There is no evidence that…” Edward was interrupted. Emma waved a camera by her shoulder.
“Oh yes there is you psychopath!” Emma yelled. “I can’t believe I believed you of all people over my own dad!” Emma said.

“Emma! It’s not what you think. It’s…. I was rehearsing a play with Jackson. You must of misunderstood.” Edward said.
“Oh don’t you dare feed this family any more lies! He told me about Lucas. What you did. Himself and my dad have been talking and explaining to me. Now you better get out of my house before I call the cops!” Emma yelled.
“Baby listen…” Edward said.
“Don’t baby me! E-mail me your new address so I can send the divorce papers.” Emma yelled.
“I know what happened to Tommy. If you don’t want the same thing to happen to yourself and your family, I suggest you stop talking nonsense!” Edward yelled.

Dean, who had been listening in, had at this point barged in.
“You stay away I tell you! I want you out of my daughter’s and grandaughters house right this instant!” Dean yelled.
“Or what old man? You’ll throw your bingo pen at me?” Edward said laughing.
“Scum like you has set foot in my house before, and I’ve done nothing. I regret it deeply. It’s time for someone to pay the price!” Dean yelled.
“Dad no!” Emma said.

Getting ready to be stabbed, Edward looked away ready to take it like a man. Only to find someone else screaming.
Dean was dead…
“Dad! Why do you do these things to yourself! Regret is not a reason to die!” Emma said crying.
“Emma… I…” Edward said.
“Don’t say anything. Just get out. I’ve had enough of this… of everything get out!” Emma said.
Edward was about to try talking to her, he realized nothing could help her forgive him and walked out with nothing but the clothes on his back.
He didn’t want this. He didn’t want any of this anymore. It was time to go. And never return. He got into a taxi and drove off.

Olivia heard the scream and ran to the bedroom. She didn’t know what’d happened, but she knew her granddad was no longer with them, she went over to Emma and Emma buried her head into Olivia’s arms.
“It’s okay mum, I’m here for you.” Olivia said.

Emma cried for days. She refused to go out the house. She was never able to apologize to him. He was always so good to her. She missed him so much. The worst thing was, he regretting the small bad decisions he made, when they weren’t his fault. The latest one, he tried to stop, but it was Emma’s fault, she didn’t listen!

And soon enough Lucas became a child. He was old enough to go to school. But he worried about his mum. She should of enrolled him into school by now! He’d love to go to school. He’d love the music lessons most.

So he went to see his mum.
“Hey mum, don’t you think it’s about time for me to go to school?” Lucas asked.
“What, your not old enough yet Lucas baby, toddlers don’t go to school. They go to day care maybe, but not school!” Emma said not turning over.
“Mum, I’m old enough for school. Look at me.” Lucas said.

“Oh, you look a lot older. When is it your birthday?” Emma asked.
“It was 2 weeks ago.” Lucas said.

“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I missed it! Lucas, I’ve been so stupid, grieving your granddad like this is just… well so stupid! My family need me. Come here! I’ll enroll you to sunset Valley Primary school as soon as I can!” Emma said giving him a big hug.

And finally the twins became young adults. Ethan on the left in his new sporty gear, and Jackson on the right wearing anything random, obviously his big sister Olivia helped him to co ordinate it, although Jackson refused on most styles.

“Hey mum, I know we’ve been through a lot lately, but I really think it’s time for me to move out.” Ethan said.
“What, move out? Why hunni?” Emma asked.
“Well… erm… The chicks are into the whole big guns thing, but maybe not so much when they come back to my house filled with my mum, sister, and brothers.” Ethan said.
“Of course you can move Ethan, but, it’s Jackson. Well, I’m getting pretty old. And Olivia will be getting on with the legacy. Well, I’m pretty sure you aware of his… problem. You were the only one left too look after him. What do we do? It would break my heart to send him away somewhere.” Emma said.

“Well, maybe I could look after him. If he comes with me to work at the stadium, he could chill in the gym and stuff with the teammates, then when I’m done, we can go back to my place and I could look after him. I could also organize a therapist for him. Besides, if he gets back onto his feet, then I’m pretty sure I can teach him about the girls.” Ethan said. Emma laughed.
“Oh Ethan, are you sure you’re okay with that? I wouldn’t want to put any pressure on you!” Emma said.
“Mum, you’ve looked after me all these years, it’s the least I can do.” Ethan said smiling.

So with Dean dead, Edward, Ethan and Jackson moved out, the household was left with Emma, Lucas and Olivia. It was the End of an Era. It was time for Olivia to grab hold of the reins, and begin her story.


2.12 Hurtful memories

10 10 2010

This chapter tells the reader who becomes heir. If you donโ€™t want to know yet for some unknown reason, please do not read until later, thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Daniel had become very enthusiastic about art, he took a part time job at the art gallery.

He spent the rest of the time getting inspiration off the paintings, or painting himself.

But one day something caught his eye, and it wasn’t the artwork.

Or should I say, someone.

“Artwork, it changes through the eyes of the viewer.” The girl said. “The interpretation from the artist may never be realized by another soul.” Daniel said. “But that’s the beauty of art.” the girl said.

They turned and faced each other. “You like to think deeply about the art too?” Daniel asked. “Of course, art is my soul. I couldn’t live without it.” the girl said. “Me too!” Daniel said. “Taylor Mead.” she said. “Daniel Edon.” he said.

They stared into each others eyes. “I’d be a fool to not ask you out. What do you think about going to the diner with me some time.” Daniel said. “What about now!” she said.

“Sure sure, I’d really enjoy…” Daniel was interrupted by a tender kiss on the lips.

“Sorry, too soon?” she asked.

“I always do that, I always jump in too soon, seriously, my mum says I’m a little insane! Talking about my…” she was interrupted also by a kiss.

For those couple of days, they were madly in love, since neither of them really had high demanding jobs, they’d spend every waking moment possible with each other. Even when Daniel was at work, Taylor would be there.

Even though Taylor was a little insane sometimes, Daniel did not care, as this was the women he loved!

Soon enough Olivia graduated school and now was a young adult. Emma knew now, it was the time to choose the heir, but she decided to wait till after the wedding.

“Olivia, your an adult now, and you know I trust you fully now.” Emma said. “What? Of course.” Olivia said. “And you know I’m sorry right?” Emma said. “What for mum? What’s happened?” Olivia asked. “A while ago, you asked about the harvest in the garden. Well, we don’t eat all the harvest. I make it into wine, in the cellar. I’m sorry for lying. It was for your own good!” Emma said.

“You what! I can’t believe you mum, I would of never harvested those goods if I knew what you were using them for your own profit!” Olivia yelled. “Olivia, this is why I didn’t tell you, but please, don’t get angry, you must see it from my point of view!” Emma said. “You always told me never to lie, yet, you were living a big lie. I never want to harvest from that garden again!” Olivia said, she turned around and ran away. “Olivia!” Emma said chasing after her.

Emma chased her to the garden. “Go away.” Olivia said. “Olivia, I know you don’t like what I’ve said, but just give me a second to talk to you.” Emma said. She walked over to her and started talking.

“Listen, I don’t make wine for profit Olivia. I make it, for special occasions, I have a special bottle or two for my wedding. I’ve never sold a bottle of wine in my life. Besides even if you don’t make any wine, then at least look after this lovely garden of yours. I’d never be able to look after it on my own. Before you started gardening, my garden was a wreck!” Emma said laughing. “Your right mum, thanks. But do you really not sell any wine at all?” Olivia asked. “No, none at all!” Emma said. “Then I’ll keep at the garden! And, I’ll look after the wine in the cellar. If I become heir, I will look after everything! You can count on me mum.” Olivia said. “That’s not going to persuade me any more to pick you hunni, but thanks for trying.” Emma said. Olivia smiled and gave her mum a big hug.

Soon enough it was time for the wedding. Emma wore a beuitful sky blue vera wang wedding dress. It was amazing!

“Emma, we need to talk.” Daniel said. “Sure Danny, what’s up?” Emma said. “Well, Taylor and I are going to see her parents…. In France.” he said. “Oh, that’s great! I’m glad your in a serious relationship.” Emma said. “But, were leaving today. Now.” he said. “Can’t you stay for the wedding?” Emma asked. “Fraid not. The flight’s in an hour. Sorry Aunt Emma.” he said. “Well, have a safe journey, I’m sure Taylor’s parents will be so glad to meet you.” Emma said smiling.”Thanks, good luck!” Daniel said walking to the taxi.

“Does anyone here today, have any reason for these two people too not wed today?” Ethan asked. Dean felt himself going red. He couldn’t let this happen. It was his daughter. “Me!” he shouted.

“Dad, what are you doing!” Emma asked. “I’m sorry, but I have to do this Emma! This man, yelled at his own 3 year old son then left him on his own for two hours, I arrived home and tended to him. You cannot marry this man Emma!” he said.

“That is a lie! This man said he’d watch my son when I went for a shower, when I returned I found him laughing at my son while he was in tears begging for food! I was going to tell you Emma, but he…. he threatened me! He said he’d tell you I was neglecting Lucas, and that I hated him!” He said. “Is this true dad?” Emma asked. “No Emma! He’s lying, he threatened me!” Dean yelled. “I’m sorry dad, but the other day I walked in and he was reading to Lucas, I’ve never seen you read to him or play with him before.” Emma said. “You can’t seriously believe him, over your own dad can you?” Dean asked. “Sorry dad. I can only go off what I have seen.” Emma said. “Fine, It’s your own fault! He will break you heart Emma, and I won’t be there to comfort you this time!” He shouted storming off.

So now the wedding was over, there was only one thing to do. With new wrinkles forming on her face every day, it was time to name an heir. She was ready.

“Kids, you all now why were here. To name the third generation heir. This is the hardest decision I’ve ever made and ever will.” Emma said. “I’ve thought long and hard about the pros and cons of each of you being heir. And one son or daughter, has just come out on top by one pro. The other child was close behind too. Sadly, little Lucas is not part of the race as he is much too young and by the time he’s old enough, you’ll all becoming full adults. But remember, No matter who I name, you will all do great things.” Emma said. “Ethan, you are perfection in physical strength, you are the material arts master! But sadly lacking the actual want to be a family man , this might stop you choosing the right woman as a spouse, I’m sorry, your not heir.” Emma said. “It’s okay mum, I’m wasn’t hoping to be heir, I want to do big things, a family will slow me down.” Ethan said.

“You could of both been easily heir, but Jackson, I know your having a hard time right now, so I’d much rather you stayed here in the house with the heir and myself.” Emma said smiling.

“I knew it, you two have been working together the whole time, I knew I wasn’t going to be the heir, you’d never choose me over you favorite little girl!” Jackson yelled.

“Calm down Jackson! It’s just a silly heirship, you can do anything now! You can become a doctor, or a fireman!” Emma said. Jackson stormed off to his room, and Edward followed.

“Hey Jackson.” Edward said. “Go away…” Jackson said. “You know, the other night, your mother was talking to me. She said, when I saw Ethan, I was so happy…” Edward was interrupted. “Then I had Jackson, the worst experience of my life.” Jackson said. “No, she said, and then I had Jackson, and I was ecstatic. She said that day at your sisters party, when you were born, she knew you had the potential to win heirship. You know what made her decide not to pick you? Because of your crazy outbursts like what just happened. Maybe, if you show her how mature you are, and never do it again, and go apologize, maybe she’ll consider changing her mind aye?” Edward said. “She will?” Jackson said. “Maybe. Maybe not. But even if she doesn’t, you’ll know you can achieve something when you put your mind to it, and also, you can live in the house here, for free! For as long as you want! Wouldn’t that be great. Officially it’s Olivia’s, but she can’t stop your mother saying you can live here. So come on, let’s go out there and show your mother and sister wrong!” Edward said.

2.11 Dean’s secret

9 10 2010

In a couple of months time, Emma was happy, she’d lost a LOT of weight. Except there was some weight she just couldn’t loose, and it kept getting worse!

And bad turned to worse, when Emma once again saw her own son, talking to someone who wasn’t there.

“Eddy, he’s doing it again! What do we do? He just stands outside in the dark and talks to himself. But he says there’s someone there, but there never is!” Emma said. “Emma, I know this lot is your pride and joy, but, I really think the graveyard is one of the main reasons he keeps doing this. If we keep him away from the graveyard and move the family graveyard to the church across the street, he won’t think their is anyone there anymore, but you will still have your family close to you.” he said. “Hmm, I suppose we’ll have too. I love Jackson, and if it’s best that we do that, then we will.” Emma said.

So after paying a reasonable sum to the church (this really benefited the church) the brand new graveyard that was recently constructed, was made only for the Edon Family.

One day Emma was working on the computer and suddenly she felt a horrible pain rush through her stomach. She recognized the pain but she couldn’t remember where from.

Dean heard her scream and ran to her from the kitchen. “Oh my gosh!” he said. “Let’s get you to the hospital!” Dean said rushing her to the hospital.

She was pregnant the whole time! The weight she couldn’t loose, was her son, she just hoped he wasn’t hurt because of the obsessive sport she’d be participating in.

At 9:27am, Emma’s new son; Lucas was born friendly, and the opposite of what Emma thought, from all the excessive sports, he was worn out, and maybe from all the food, it made him hungry, he turned out to be a couch potato!

“Hunni, I’m home!” Eddy yelled laughing. He looked around the house for her.

He eventually checked the nursery. “Oh no, your sister hasn’t had ANOTHER baby and given it to us has she?” he said. “No Eddy better!” Emma said. “Someone left it on our doorstep?” he asked. “No, even better!” Emma said. “I give up.” he said. “This is our son!” Emma said happily. “That’s impossible! You havn’t been pregnant!” He said. “Well, that’s what I thought, until I had horrible pains in my stomach, my dad drove me to the hospital and I was surprised to find I was pregnant, not fat!” Emma said laughing.

“Why aren’t you laughing Eddy? It was a joke. Are you ok?” Emma said. “Yes, it’s just, I don’t know anything about toddlers, all I know is, when their teenagers, their stroppey.” he said. “Oh It’ll be fine! I’ll help you through it. Now, pick little Lucas up.” Emma said.

Eddy picked him up under the arms and held him in mid air. “Is this right?” Eddy asked. Emma tried not to burst out laughing she walked over and sorted out how to hold him.

“Is this right hunni?” he asked. Emma laughed. “It’ll do, you’ll get used to it.” she said.

“Hunni, I’m going out to the spa while the kids are at school, Daniel’s going to an interview in about 10 minutes, and my dad is going to an autograph session for his new book; Winter Delight 5. I’ll be back in about an hour or two, make sure Lucas is ok!” she said. “got it.” he said. “And Eddy hunni, I hope your not practising that speech all day.” she said laughing.

When Dean arrived home, all he heard was Lucas screaming his head off! He immediately ran to the nursery.

He was starving, had a dirty nappy, and hadn’t been socialized with the whole time everyone was out.

“It’s okay Lukey, grandad’s here, shhhh.” Dean said. He fed him, changed his nappy and played with him, and he was once again happy.

“How could you? You just left your own son on his own starving with no one to help!” Dean yelled.

“Listen old man, he was screaming and I told him to stop, he didn’t so I was punishing him, he’s my son, I’ll do what I want with him.” Edward spat. “He may be your son, but he’s my grandson, and Emma’s son, when she hears about you, she’ll dump you before you can even say sorry!” He yelled. “I don’t think you’ll tell her, otherwise I’ll tell her your not proud of her, and you wished her twin sister Madison was heir!” he yelled. “That’s not true, I’d never say that!” he yelled. “It’s your word over mine! Now leave, your ruining my train of thought!” Edward said snobbishly.

As Dean walked towards the study, he heard the front door go. “Hey guys! I’m home!” It was Emma! He wished he could tell her, but it was Eddy, she loved Eddy and would probably believe Edward over himself.

Emma walked into the nursery. “Arrrrrr, how’s my little Lukey doing?” Emma asked. “Oh hey babe, I’m just reading him a book.” Eddy lied. “How cute?” Emma said picking him up.

“Eddy, I was thinking, now were engaged and have Lucas, maybe we should be thinking about the wedding, when do you think we should have it?” Emma asked. “How about this weekend?” he asked. “This weekend? Isn’t that a bit soon?” she asked. “Not for my babe! I’ll organize everything, don’t worry about it at all, it will be perfect!” he said. “Your the best guy in the world Eddy!” Emma said. Edward blushed.

2.10 An event to remember

3 10 2010

So Emma and Eddy arrived in China after a long 11 hour journey. They were so amazed at the views! They never imagined China would have so much greenery!

When they arrived Eddy started to learn karate.

As did Emma.

They spared often.

And with the family at home, by night they had no worries of any intruders. They had lots of time for each other.

Emma harvested some of the rare China plants for her garden back home. She was sure her daughter would love the new fruit and veg she got!

Eddy had a go at fishing; but failed miserably.

Emma had a go at catching a few wild insects. Oviously she let them go afterwards.

One night they decided to have a little camp fire out in the woods. They got out their tent and roasted some of the unrare fruit and veg they’d got.

“Emma, would you ever want to get married? Or are you one of those girls who’d prefer to wait for a long time.” Eddy asked.

“Eddy babe, I’ve married twice before…” Emma said being interrupted. “Two divorces? So you’d prefer to make sure I don’t have bad habits or secrets before we marry. I understand.” Eddy said. “No no, I’ve never been divorced…” Emma was saying until she was interrupted again. ” You’re still married… with two different people! Oh boy.” Eddy said. “No! Eddy, I’m not sure I want to remarry because, my first husband, was electricuted. He was Olivia’s father. My second husband was murdered by my sisters’ ex. And well, I expect every time I remarry, the death gets worse! I love you so much, I wouldn’t want anything worse than a murder to happen to you.” Emma said.

“Emma listen, it’s not a curse that you have or anything, it’s simply your brain thinking of what it possibly could be. Your brain can’t find any reason, so it passes it over to the impossible part of you brain. Then you start thinking that, you have a curse or you made those happenings come true. This is where superstition comes from. I’m pretty sure, you’re nothing to do with the deaths of your husbands, and if this is why you’ve been alone all this time, then you’ll probably be annoyed at yourself. So are you?” He asked. “Yeah, I do feel kinda annoyed at myself.” Emma said. “So there ya go, if we were to ever marry, I’d be okay. I promise.” he said smiling.

The following day Eddy got to choose that days activity. He chose the heaven tower. It was a long walk up, but the rumors were that the view was breath taking.

“Isn’t this view so amazing and romantic up here Emma?” Eddy said. “Yeah, I remember when I saw a view like this once. It was in france.

With husband 2, Tommy. He looked so much like the twins, apart from the eyes. He was wonderful.

But I remember my greatest regret was making the whole thing cheesy, I hated that, I ruined a perfectly good memory, with a proposal.” Emma said laughing. “yeah.” Eddy said trying to laugh.

What he hadn’t told Emma was, he was going to propose to her there. He decided that maybe when they returned home, they could have an even more romantic one, with a picnic on the beach.

But when they arrived home, they were surprised to find poor Daniel had celebrated his birthday on his own (even though he liked it like this) and didn’t tell anyone it was his birthday. Emma did however, promise him a free night out.

Olivia finally realized to have as many parties as she’d like to have, she’d have to start inviting over her mates to show them how big and cool her house is. But when some of them realized this, they came over all the time. Especially these two, Galen and Abbie.

Emma was feeling very nauseus one night.

So she decided to go to bed early. She didn’t feel well at all!

She also started feeling very sluggish and horrible. She started walking about the house in her old athletic gear. This made her feel even worse.

The worse she felt the more she ate. It was a never ending loop!

But Eddy started worrying. He’d seen cases like this before. Once the person is in the routines like this, it takes months maybe even years to get back to a normal lifestyle, and they miss out on so much they could have.

“Emma?” Eddy asked. “Yes?” She said stuffing her face with cake. “Don’t you see any differance in, well your routine and your… image?” he asked.

Emma looked up at him. “No.” she said stuffing her face even more. He grabbed hold of her hand and stopped her eating. “I think you know you do Emma babe. You and me both know this isn’t you. I can help!” he said.

“There’s nothing that needs fixing, and if image is all you care about, then maybe where not right for each other.” Emma stood up and walked to the door. Eddy stood in front of her way.

“Emma look at me, we both know what’s wrong, and I’ve dealt with things like this before, trust me. I can help!” he said. Emma let go of his hands and pushed past him. She ran into the bedroom and he followed.

Emma turned around. “Help me Eddy.” she said. “Oh Emma.” he said.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get past this. We always do!” Eddy said. “I hope.” Emma said.

“And to show you my truthfulness…” Eddy said.

“Emma Edon, will you marry me?” he said.

“Yes! Forever!” Emma shrieked!

2.9 Eddy Weddy

2 10 2010

Last time, the twins became teens. Ethan the sporty one, and Jackson the insane painter! Unfortunately Emma found out and got him therapy sessions, only to fall in love with Jackson’s therapist! Emma stayed over at his house till 6am, then rushed home to explain that she’d been called out to work unexpectedly but they’d already left on the bus.

About 11am, Emma heard a knock upon the door. She walked out the door only to find Eddy standing there. “Oh hey Eddy, what’s up?” she asked. “You left this at my house last night.” he said passing a fancy blue bag over to her.

“Oh thanks Eddy weddy, your the best!” she said giving him a kiss. What they didn’t know though, is that Dean (Emma’s dad) had seen the whole thing. He knew they were now together!

“Who was that?” Dean asked. “Oh nobody.” Emma said smiling.

A few weeks later, Dean got an e-mail from his publisher.”Oh my! Emma! Emma come here for a second!” Dean shouted.

“Is this for real?” Emma asked. “Dean nodded. “Congratulations. I know you’re going to have a great time. You must be really excited. Signing your books in America will really help it sell!” Emma said. “You can come too! And the family! It’s on Friday the 29th till Sunday the 31st.” he said. “Oh, I have this really important work thing then Dean. I can’t come!” Emma said. “Oh, well I’m sure the kids will enjoy it. They can come with me!” he said. “Okay. Thanks dad.” Emma said hugging him while he was sat down.

Soon enough the day came, and Emma wished them a safe journey, and waved goodbye.

24 hours later, Emma just walked in from work and heard the doorbell and wondered who it was.

But as she went outside, she was amazed to find Edward standing outside the door. “Eddy, what are you doing here?” Emma said smiling. “Well, I was thinking, we’ve been together for a while now, and I think Jackson’s mentally stable to cope with… the situation. So I think we should tell your family!” he said. “Oh! I’d love too, but we can’t.” Emma said.

“Of course we can Emma! Let’s just go in there. And call everyone to the front room and tell them!” he said. “No, I mean we can’t, they’re in America, they’re with my dad at an autographing thing. I have work, so I had to stay here. Come on in though.” Emma said.

As they walked in Emma was rambling on about something, another thing Edward didn’t mind about. He loved Emma so much, he didn’t mind the little things. He could hold it any longer. He pulled her into his chest.

“Woah, Eddy!” Emma said surprised. “I can’t hold it any longer, I love you more than anything and I can’t bottle it up anymore!” he said making out with her.

With Edward love for Emma roaring out of control, Emma couldn’t help but be flattered, and they ended up in the bedroom.

Little did they know the family arrived home early! “Emma hunni, were home early, the autograph session was cut short because a riot. Who knew I was so popular?” he yelled laughing.

“Grandad, mum might of gone to bed early. I’ll check the bedroom, you check the kitchen.” Jackson said smiling.

“Hey mum, is that you? Were home early.” Jackson said.

“Mum? Mr. Raze? No. No this isn’t happening!” Jackson yelled running out the room. “Hunni! This isn’t what it looks like.” Emma said.

“She’s not in the kitchen, did you…. Jackson, what’s up?” Dean asked.

Dean turned to his right and saw the reason for Jackson’s behavior. “Oh. I see.” Dean said.

“Dad, you don’t seem surprised?” Emma said. “Yeah, I know. I’ve known for a while.” he said. “What? How long.” Emma asked. “Since the day after Mr. Ra… Edward came for the visit. I expect Jackson just saw what you did that night too.” Dean said. “Dad I…” Emma said. “No hunni, your allowed to have another man in your life. But you must tell your family, we get hurt when you lie.” Dean said walking away.

Emma went and sat with Jackson. “Hey hunni. You okay?” Emma asked. “Why would I be? How could you cheat on dad?” He said. “Jackson, I’m not cheating on your father, even you said a while ago that he was never coming back.” Emma said. “Then how can you try and replace him?!?” Jackson said. “I’m not trying to replace him. Your father was a good man, and my best friend in the whole world, he was irreplaceable. But you’ve got to understand. When you kids are at school, there’s only me and grandad home. What happens when he passes away huh? What happens? I’ll be home alone every day. Just as much as I like to be alone sometimes, I love my family more. And Eddy, Eddy makes me feel so great. He makes me feel young, sociable and most important of all. He makes me happy Jackson.” Emma said. “So please, for me, give him a chance. Besides, your already friends, why not try and make this situation work too?” Emma said.

At that moment Eddy came out and sat on the bench beside them. “Jackson, I’m truly sorry. We should of told you. Everyone in the family. Especially you.” Edward said. “Why, because you all think I’m crazy in the head?” Jackson said. angrily. “No, because you know me the best out of everyone, you deserve to know as one of my friends, as well as being friends with your mother. Listen Jackson, we are really sorry. And yes, we are totally admitting we were wrong.” Edward said. “You two, are saying that your wrong? Not me?” Jackson said. “Yep.” Emma said.

“And Jackson, we think, you deserve to know this other news we’ve not told you, first too.” Edward said. Emma smiled at Jackson. “What is it?” Jackson said. “Eddy is moving in!” Emma said. “What?” Jackson said. “We thought you’d be responsible enough to take this on all in one go Jackson. Can you?” Eddy asked. “Er, yeah yeah. It’s just shock really.” Jackson said.

A couple of days later, Jackson approached Dean to ask a question, that would eventually change everything. “Hey grandad?” Jackson said. “Yes Jackson, what is it?” he asked. “Now Edward has moved in, I’ve realized a lot. He’s done so much for me. He’s helped me with my problems, he’s made mum so happy, and I really want to reward him.” Jackson said. “What did you have in mind?” Dean asked. “I think they’d love a holiday in China. Mum loves sports so shes bound to love karate!” Jackson said. “Her sister sure did. They both loved sports, your mother loved traditional sports, where as your Aunt Madison loved Karate.” Dean said. “So they can go?” Jackson asked. “Of course, I’ll sort out the bookings and they can be off tomorrow morning!” Dean said. “Cool.” Jackson replied.

2.8 Into Theropy

26 09 2010

Sorry about the big break of pictures in the middle, when I created this post they worked, but they’re suddenly not working sorry. :S

Soon enough the twins aged into teens, this is Ethan, who developed the absent minded trait.

And this is Jackson who became a little childish.

The problem was, with all the drama going on in the house no one noticed poor Jackson talking to himself. Every day it got a little worse. But yet, no one noticed!

But the actions became less and less subtle. Emma started to notice things.

Things that a normal teenager wouldn’t do.

One night Jackson decided he couldn’t sleep, and went for a walk. He ended up at the graveyard, so he went and walked over to a bench. a woman came over and they started to chat.

Little did he know, his mum was meeting someone to make a deal for work there. She was creeping down the path to meet them, only to find Jackson stood there.

But unlike Jackson, all she saw was her poor young son, talking to mid air!

“Jackson Edon! Why are you out in the graveyard at this time alone?” Emma yelled. “I wasn’t alone, I was talking to my new friend Enola Green!” he said. “Who? No ones there hunni!” she said. He turned around to see no one there. “Oh she must of heard you coming and gone, she doesn’t like new people.” he said.

“Listen hunni, I just want to know your ok.” Emma said putting her hand on his shoulder. He pushed it off. “I’m perfectly fine!” he said. “I know what you’ve been up to, talking to mirrors, even talking to yourself! Now even saying there’s someone there when there isn’t. It’s not a phase. It’s real hunni! I know you can shake yourself back to normal.” Emma said. “I’m perfectly normal mum! Get off me. Ugh, why’d you have to follow me everywhere!” he yelled storming off home.

Emma wasn’t happy at all. Her own son, driven to insanity. Maybe it was her, working as a criminal, or maybe it was all the death in their lives. She wasn’t sure, but the one thing she did know, was that she was going to fix it, through thick and thin, she was going to help!

“Tommy, Taurus, what do I do?” Emma said.

She heard a rattling noise. She gasped and turned to it. It was just the newspaper. It started swaying faster and making more noice. She picked it up and sat down and started reading. Suddenly the pages started to turn. It came to the ads page, her eyes crossed one. It said the following; Thomas’ Therapy. For those in need of a little direction. Specializes in Teens!

“No. My baby Jackson doesn’t need therapy, surely it’s not that bad.” she said scratching her head. “But I said I’d do whatever it takes, so, I suppose I must.” she said.

“Hey Jackson! How’s school been?” Emma said. “Erm… ok. I got some homework so… yeah.” Jackson said. “Wait hunni. I just wanna take you out to say sorry.” Emma said. “Sorry?” Jackson said. “Yeah, I over reacted, you deserve responsibility, so what do you say?” Emma asked. “Just you… and me?” he asked. “Yep.” Emma said. “Cool! Lets go!” he said.

“Hunni, I have a confession to make, this is a therapist, to help with your problem. But he’s the best in the area, I assure you!” Emma said. “What? I don’t need a therapist!?!” he yelled at her.

“Your aunt Gemma said she didn’t have a problem either, because of this my father was gone for 7 years of my life. Luckily, he was able to return, but I never met my father until I was 7!” Emma said. “But I’ll never see dad again. This is a totally different situation.” Jackson said. “But my point is, putting it off will only make it worse.” Emma said.

“Well maybe, I could have just one session.” Jackson said. “Thank you! Thank you so much Jackson.” Emma said giving him a big hug.

“Mr. Raze?” Emma asked. “Yes yes. Come on in with Jackson Miss Edon.” he said.

“So, with what you’ve told me on the phone, I’ve devolped a stratagey to help Jackson. He may come as often as he likes to see me, but I reccommend he visits at least once a week.” he said. “Well, he’s a bit unsure if he wants to, he promised he’d come at least now to see how it is, then will decide if he wants to keep on.” Emma said. “Of course, we take small steps with big problems.” he said smiling.

So he stayed for an hour chatting. And at the end of the hour, Edward Raze said “I’d like to inspect the enviriment Jackson lives in please Miss Edon.”. “Well, okay, you can come over for dinner tomorrow night if you want. We can have anything, what’s your favourite dish?” Emma asked. “Oh I don’t mind. Jackson may choose if he desires.” he said smiling. “Thank you Mr Raze, you’ve been so good.” Emma said shaking his hand. “Oh please, call me Eddy. Short for Edward, and what may I call you?” he asked. “Emma will be fine.” she said.

“Woah mum! Love the dress, what’s the occasion? Who’s the guy?” Olivia said laughing. “Oh no one, just you’re brother’s therapist.” Emma said. “Yeah, JUST his therapist.” she said walking out the room.

“Woah Emma, you didn’t need to dress up, I just wanted to look at the house.” he said. “Oh, this old thing. I just threw it on.” Emma said blushing. “He looked around the front room. “Talking of your house, it’s really nice! It’s like a mansion!” he said. “Oh, I inherited the land and money from my parents, but I designed it.” Emma said. “You have really good taste!” he said. “Thanks, do you want the tour?” Emma asked. “Of course.” he said smiling.

“So, this is Jackson’s room.” Emma said. “Hmm, a little blue aye?” he said laughing. “He loves aqua, just like me.” she said smiling. “Really? Me too! It’s my favourite colour!” he said. He looked around. “Interesting choise of painting aye?” he said. “Yeah, he painted it himself ya know?” she said. “He’s really good. How much does he paint?” he said. “He puts his heart and soul into painting. He paints every day!” Emma said. “Hmmm, interesting, since this is the last room. Overall this is fine it’s certainly not his environment. Where do you work?” he asked. “Errrr, the erm, hospital.” she said. “Oh that’s great, it’s not that. So may I ask, how much drama has he experienced lately?” he asked.

“Well, that’s probably it. In short, their father tragically died, and my mother has done too recently. Also, my nephew is staying with us now too.” she said. “This is probably the cause.” he said. “Oh no! Look at the time!” Emma said. “It’s pitch black out! I walked here. ugh.” he said. “Oh, I can drive you home if you want.” Emma said. “Oh thanks, your a life saver.” he said. They smiled and went outside to the car.

They walked up to the house. Emma was surprised he had such a great house, he was so amazed at hers before, maybe the exterior was too modern here.

“So, this is goodbye.” he said.

“Yeah, I suppose that we’d probably…” Emma was interrupted by a tender kiss.

For a moment they looked in each others eyes for a moment.

She pulled him in, and they kissed.

By morning Emma was all over him and he was all over her. “Oh my gosh! Eddy! It’s 6am!” she said worriedly. “It’s okay.” he said. “No, it’s not. Where shall I tell the kids I’ve been?” she said. “Tell them you with me.” he said. “I’d love to, but what kind of example is that for them?” she said. “Tell them… you were called out on an emergency at work!” he said. “Good idea. I best go home now. Maybe I’ll be up before their awake.” she said getting up. He pulled her back in and gave her a kiss. “Just one last snuggle?” he asked.

“Okay just one.” she said. As they started kissing her mobile went off. Emma picked it up. “It’s the kids. I better go Eddy.” she said. “Okay, I’ll call you babe.” he said.

As she arrived home, she ran out to the bus. They’d gone. She didn’t even get chance to “explain” where she’d been. She wondered what thoughts have and will be going through their heads. She hoped it wasn’t too late.

2.7 The Devil’s Return

25 09 2010

Last time Emma and Tommy were expecting their first, which turned out to be twins Ethan and Jackson who were born during Olivia’s birthday. Soon enough Gemma’s ex Jeremie came lurking round to seek revenge on Gemma, soon to find Tommy, then stabbed him thinking it was Gemma’s new husband. The family grieved a lot and held a small family funeral.

But with all the sadness around the house, no one realised how old April was getting. In fact, all her hairs had gone grey!

Soon enough the same happened to Dean too.

Soon enough they realised they were a little too old to go running around at the hospital dealing with patients or composing movies, so they decided to retire.

Emma decided to just have a small family party for the twins. So, while Olivia was at school, they threw a small party. First Jackson blew out his candles.

And then Ethan blew out his.

Jackson is on the left who became artistic, and Ethan on the right who became athletic. Although they didn’t want to dress alike, Emma tried as hard as she could to make them wear at least the same style.

April decided to make sure the family could enjoy a game without it breaking on them, so she decided to try and make the family laptop unbreakable. But good turned worse as she was electrocuted just like Taurus.

But April had no intentions of staying in the living world. She gladfully agreed to leave with the grim reaper. Dean expected that she thought her part in the legacy and world was over. Even though she could of given so much more.
They later had a funeral for April, and she was remembered by everyone in the family. A founder to be remembered. ๐Ÿ™‚

One night Emma was in bed, she awoke to the sound of the doorbell ringing. She looked at her alarm clock. 3am. She got up with her dressing gown and walked to the door.

She opened it to find a woman with a teenager. “Hello? Can I help you?” Emma said. “Emma? Is that you?” she asked. “Sarah? Come in come in.” Emma said. “I hardly reconised you.” Emma said.

“Does mum still live here Emma?” Sarah said. “Oh, did you not hear? Mum… passed away about a week ago.” Emma said. “Oh no! What am I going to do now?” Sarah said. “I’m sure I can help sis.” Emma said. “What’s happened?” she asked. “Well, me and Daniel have been living in a small house about 15 minutes away. But well, I lost my job in the music industry, and well, it was all uphill from there. We struggelled for money, I tried playing my guitar at the park but I didn’t get so much there. Daniel tried getting a job but everywhere was full. So we got kicked out of house, this is all we have now, each other and the clothes on our back.” Sarah said. “Oh, well I’d be glad if you stayed here then, just until you get back onto your feet that is.” Emma said.

“Thanks Emma. Your the best sister ever.” she said.

Soon enough Olivia aged into a teenager. Seeing her mother and grandmother out in the garden got her interested in gardening, so when she first tried, she realised she had a green thumb! She was a natural.

“Mum, this is really fun, but I can’t help wonder where all the fruits and vegatables go.” Olivia said. “In our meals hunni.” Emma said. “But what about the grapes? We never eat any grapes.” Olivia said. “Oh it doesn’t matter.” Emma said.

“When I looked online, it said they use grapes mostly for wine. Are you making wine mum.” Olivia said. “What? No of course not. I would never keep alchohol in a family house.” Emma said. “So what do you keep in the basement?” Olivia asked. “Nothing! I mean, something, but not wine. I er… keep old.. furniture down there.” Emma said. “So why am I not aloud down there?” Olivia said. “Becuase its all dusty and dangerous. I’d always send Tommy down there to get any furniture.” Emma said. “Okay, fair enough mum. As long as your being honest with me.” Olivia said smiling and going back inside. Emma didn’t want to lie, but she didn’t want her children messing around with alchohol at their age.

As Emma went inside, she heard her daughter and Sarah giggling about something. She started listening in on their conversation. “So they like it when they laugh at their jokes?” Olivia asked. “Yup, and what they like best is when you let them defend you.” Sarah said. “Oh and by the way, I wouldn’t tell your mother about this.” Sarah said. “Why?” Olivia asked. “She isn’t really into boys.” Sarah said. “If she were to find out, she’d totally stop you going out to any party or anythin then she’d kick me and Daniel out.” Sarah said. “Really?” Olivia said. “Yeah.” Sarah said.

“What you guys talking about?” Emma asked. “Nothing.” Olivia and Sarah said trying not to laugh. “Hmm, okay.” Emma said. She wasn’t sure she wanted Olivia to turn out like Sarah. No offence to Sarah but, she didn’t want Olivia to have no job with an illigitamate son living in her brother’s/sister’s house.

But Emma started regretting her decision. Now she remembered why her mother kicked her out all those years ago. She was always lazing about the house doing nothing. Emma soon realised that Emma had no intrest in getting a job either. At least when she was younger she had intrests, but now all she was interested in was helping Olivia with ‘boy trouble’, and was totally rejecting Daniel.

“Hey mum. Can you help me with my homework, it’s just I’m really…” Daniel was interrupted. “Go ask someone else, there are 5 other people in this house.” Sarah said sleepily. Emma walked in seeing this happenening. She couldn’t believe how much Sarah neglected Daniel. She wondered why the other night she saw Daniel trying to make his own meal and he was surprised to see her say that she’d make it for him.

“You selfish woman! I can’t believe you. I’ve taken you in for I don’t know how many months, and how do you repay me? You take naps all day and don’t bother about getting another job. You talk to my daughter about “boys” like their just slabs of meat, and then totally ignore your own son. All he asks for is a little love now and then, but no. All you give him is ‘go away’ or ‘ask someone else.'” Emma yelled.

Within seconds Emma saw Sarah’s lips starting to tremble, and then tear after tear came rolling down her cheek. “I’m sorry Emma, it’s just, I’ve lost everything I’ve ever loved. Back before I was with, you know who. I could be with anyone I’d like. I had dreams of becoming a famous musician, I’d found the perfect house to live in. But when I became pregnant. I lost all that. Then on top of that he dumped me. I was heartbroken. I wouldn’t go out anywhere. Then on top of that, mum kicked me out. I found and rented the cheapest place for me and Daniel to live, and got a job at the supermarket. I’ve not had a social life since. It’s so hard ya no?” Sarah said.

“Oh I’m sorry Sarah. I understand now. To have a break from all the work, it’s nice to just sit down and forget all the bad. I’m going to help you get back onto your feet. To celebrate tomorrow night we can go out somewhere nice.” Emma said. “Oh thank you Emma! But look at me! I’m a mess!” Sarah said. “I’ll loan you some money to go the spa and out shopping to get some nice clothes.” Emma said. “Oh thank you Emma. Your the best sister ever.” she said giving Emma a big hug.

The following day, Sarah and Emma went out shopping for new dresses for the night, they also went for a pamper at Sharma Day Spa. When they got home, Olivia was already home from school. “Woah mum, you actually look… good!” Olivia said. “Is that a compliment or an insult?” Emma said laughing. “And Aunt Sarah, you look more fabulous then ever, love the Chanel dress!” Olivia said. “Why thank you!” Sarah said. Emma let Sarah choose the place they went.

She decided on the most popular nightclub in town; La Flamingo Musique. Emma didn’t like the thought of a nightclub with lots of people, but this was Sarah’s night, not hers. So she went with her.

As Emma slowly sipped her cocktail, Sarah was like an excited child, jiggling around on her seat and peering around the room looking for any โ€œhot guys.โ€

It did not take long for Sarah to make eye contact with a guy dancing across the room. She smiled and him and soon enough he came over asking her to dance!

Eventually Emma got bored watching her sister dance with a complete stranger. She told her she was going home, Sarah said she’d catch up later.

The following day Emma arrived home late from work. She heard Daniel playing on the PS3. “Hey Daniel hunni. Have you seen your mother?” Emma asked. “Nope. It’s only been a day though. Sometimes when I was younger she’d be gone weeks on end with a new guy. If your looking for her, try remembering the last guy you saw her with.” Daniel said. “Weeks? Guys? Where was the income from?” Emma asked. “I worked at the bookstore, but coz of the credit crunch, I was ‘laid off’.” he said. “Ugh, what does she take me for? An idiot, she just fed me a bunch on lies the other day. She’s so dead!” Emma said angrily.

Emma whipped out her phone and started texting. Her text was to Sarah and it said the following, Sarah, got a surprise for you! xD Come home asap! Thanks! -Emma. She knew this would bring Sarah home.

“Sarah Edon, I can’t believe you. The other day, you just totally lied to me! Daniel told me everything, you’ve been off with men every night and napping in the day! Daniel made all the income while balancing it with school work. You should be ashamed of yourself.” Emma spat. “You just got given everything, the legacy, the house and the wealth! You wouldn’t know hard if it hit you on the head!” Sarah yelled. “Right that’s it! I’ve had enough of your bone idleness and you back chat and your late nights. Your no longer welcome in this house!” Emma yelled.

“Fine. Come one Daniel, were leaving.” Sarah said walking out. Daniel did not follow. “Daniel?” Sarah said. “Mum, I need a proper mum, who can help me with my homework, make me dinner, tuck me in at night, and love me.” Daniel said. “So I’m staying with Emma. If that’s alright Aunt Emma.” Daniel said. “Of course.” Emma said smiling. “Fine, you keep him, I never wanted him anyway, we both know he was an accident.” she said. “Leave, and never come back. Daniel is better in my care!” Emma said with disgust. “Whatever.” she said walking out the door.

“Is she going to come back Aunt Emma?” Daniel asked. “No no no. I’ll never let that happen Daniel. You can stay here as long as you want. Sarah has been the bad apple all her life. I’ll never let her take you!” Emma said giving him a big hug.