3.13 The past, present and Future

28 11 2010

This chapter tells the reader who becomes heir. If you don’t want to know yet for some unknown reason, please do not read until later, thank you. πŸ™‚

So slowly, everyone seemed to go back to normal. Everyone went on with life, focusing on hobbies and skills for later in life.

Until Charlotte had to do something, she never wanted to until she was married and about 25 at the earliest. And sure enough, it was positive. She was sure there was only one guy’s. It had been 2 weeks and 3 days since it had happened. She remembered. She’d finally lost her big V. She was happy it was his. But then she was forbidden to see him. Maybe now she could be with him.

She knew her mum had to know first. That way she didn’t have to sneak out to tell Cole.
“Hey mum, can I have a word?” Charlotte asked.
“Sure, shoot.” Olivia said.
“Mum, I’m not gonna beat around the bush, so, I’m just gonna come out and say this straight. I’m pregnant mum.” she said truthfully.
“Your joking right? This is so you can see him isn’t it.” Olivia said laughing. “Nice one.”
“I’m being serious.” Charlotte said.

Olivia stopped. She couldn’t believe she had an pregnant teenage daughter. She knew now they had to be together for this to work. Or…
“Well, it’s ok, we can take turns looking after the child, I’ll do nights, and while your at school and doing homework. And you do the rest of the time and weekends.” Olivia said.
“No mum. I want him to know. I want him to help me raise our child. He has a right to know Mum!” She said.
“I’m sorry hunni. I just keep seeing you as my baby girl. I just don’t want to see you leave my already!” Olivia said.

“I know mum but, in a year and a half, I’m going to be 18! I’m going to be an adult. And whether you like it or not. Me and Cole will be together. By then we can do whatever we want with our little baby. And we’ll have jobs of our own! You got to trust me. I can be a great mother. You’ve just got to let me be me and let me learn my own lessons and make my own decisions.” Charlotte said.
Tears started rolling down Olivia’s cheeks.
“My little girl… is all grown up!” Olivia said.

And So Olivia watched as Charlotte told Cole about the baby. She was glad he was excited and couldn’t stop fussing over the baby. But what really surprised her was…

That before Cole knew about the baby, he was going to ask Charlotte to marry him, and had already bought the ring! And Charlotte agreed and they got married right then and there!

Olivia knew it was time. It was time to choose an heir. So She rounded up all the kids in the garden.
“We all know why were here, because I’m going to choose the heir to everything I have ever owned, as well as your grandma, and your great grandma, the founder herself. The decision wasn’t easy and I’ve thought long and hard about my reasons.” she said.

“Noah, I’m sorry but I just couldn’t pick you, you could adopt a child, but you’d never be able to continue the blood line, I’m sorry. But I’m sure you’ll grow up to be a great politician.” Olivia said.

“Charlotte, I’m sorry, you won’t be the heir. You’ve shown great courage and bravery in your fight for Cole. You shown great wisdom and perseverance. I’m sure, your going to become something great!” Olivia said.

“Now, Ellie, Liam. You’ve both been so great. Ellie, your so healthy and athletic. Great persuasion skills, aiming high and never giving up! Liam, so artistic and creative, if anyone could play as well as you on the guitar or paint a picture with so much detail they’d be a millionaire, just like I know your going to be! I’m about to tell you two who is the heir…… the generation 4 heir is…… Ellie!” Olivia said.

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! Your not going to regret this mum!” Ellie screamed happily.
The atmosphere was so happy! Until Olivia looked at Liam.

He wasn’t happy, angry or sad. He had no emotion he just stared at her.
“Liam, are you ok?” Olivia asked.

“I can’t believe you picked that slut over me mum! Look at her, she’s not fit to be an heiress to the Edon Legacy! It’s much to high class! I’ve always been the perfect child! You know what, I’m not standing for this. I’m leaving! I’m going to go live with my dad, he’ll love me for who I am! I’ll make my own legacy! You’ll see! You’ll all see!” he yelled.
“Liam no! You didn’t know him. He’s not what you think he is!” Ellie said. “All he did was bring heartbrake into this family!” she said.
“No, he brought me into this family. And you, and Charlotte and Noah. Were all his. Bella is the one from Owen. Look how she turned out, insane!” Liam said.
“Owen was a good man. He looked after mum when she needed it most!” Ellie said.

“But he left when she needed it most too! You know, when me and Noah were born. I’ve been talking to Gavin for some time now. I know what really happened. Mum cheated on Owen and was all over dad.” he yelled.
“That’s a lie! He black mailed me into… loving him in the bedroom. The day he walked out on me, he told me that… he hated Ellie and Charlotte, he hated his unborn children. He doesn’t like kids! He doesn’t love any of you.” Olivia said.
“But he’s got to know me now mum. He loves me!” Liam yelled.
“I’m sorry Liam, I’ve given Gavin so many chances and he’s ended up wasting them on hurting me, and Owen every time.” Olivia said.
“I’m sorry mum, this is something I have to do.” Liam said walking away.

With Bella at the insane ward, Liam off at Gavin’s house and Charlotte out with Cole, this left just Olivia, Noah and the new heiress; Ellie.

The following day they hosted a night time birthday/heiress party for Ellie. Just relatives were invited.

Considering it was a small night time party, plenty of the family had got the message to come and see Ellie.

Everyone was amazed at how beautiful Ellie was, along with herself. She had her mothers gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes, with her fathers flattering tanned skin colour, she was a one of a kind! Unfortunately with everyone leaving her the previous day she felt to scared to commit to anyone any more and she just couldn’t face anything like her mothers love tragedies, so she become a complete commitment phobic.

After the cake everyone danced the night away.

Until everyone saw, apart from Olivia. Everyone gasped.
“What?” Olivia said laughing. “Come on, it’s a party! Lets’ dance!” Olivia said.
“You always were a lover of parties.” Owen said laughing.
“Owen?” Olivia said turning around.

“Oh my gosh! Owen!” She said smiling.
She ran over to Owen and jumped into his arms.
“I thought I’d never see you again!” Olivia said.
“I was sitting at home and I thought about everything we’ve been through and I realised what a mistake I’d made divorcing you. So I came back. Looks like you’ve had a party!” Owen said walking over to Ellie.

“You must my baby daughter; Bella!
“Actually sorry Uncle Owen. Or should I call you my step dad? Anyway, I’m Ellie.” Ellie said.
“Oh my gosh! Baby Ellie! You were such a cutie when you were younger, now you look all grown up. Just call me Owen. Now, where’s Charlotte, and my Bella and the baby Olivia had?” Owen asked.
“Owen, Charlotte’s pregnant living with her husband Cole, the unborn twins you are talking about, well there was Noah, he’s over there, and his twin brother Liam has gone to live with Gavin because he wasn’t heir.” Ellie said.
“So, who’s heir? And where’s Bella?” Owen asked.
“Well, I’m heir, and Bella… she…” Ellie said.
“She was submitted to a mental hospital several years ago Owen. I’m sorry. She’s not allowed to get contact with the outside world until she is fully treated. She’s not come back yet.” Olivia said.
“Insane? No, It can’t be my little Bella.” Owen said.
“We must stay strong for her.” Olivia said.
“Hmmmm. I hope you don’t mind but, I’d like to head to bed early. I would of stayed to chat, but… a lot’s on my mind.” Owen said walking to the door.


3.12 I love him!

27 11 2010

Hi, just to let everyone know, I lost some furniture, so some has been replaced, for example the dining furniture inside and at the party area, also the sofas in the home theatre and hobby room.

Last time Olivia thinks she heard Noah call up his girlfriend before going out girl hunting with his friend Shayne.

“I know! I can follow him. Then see what he’s really doing. He wouldn’t be girl hunting when he has a girlfriend that he didn’t tell me about.” Olivia said to herself.

Earlier that day.
“You don’t have to do this if you don’t wanna angel.” Cole said.
“But I want to. I want to show you I love you!” Charlotte said.
“I know you love me! And I love you to!” Cole said.
“But I really wanna to prove to myself, that I love you enough and think that your the one. I really wanna do this Cole.” Charlotte said.
“Ok then. But if at any time you wanna stop just say.” Cole said reassuringly.

So that night was magical for the both of them.

Later again! πŸ™‚
As Olivia watched Noah waiting impatiently, she began to wonder. Where on earth on this park were all the women, all she seemed to see were old people and children?

But her thoughts were interrupted as she saw a smile light up on her sons face.

His friend Shayne had arrived.

“Oh, he must be really happy to finally see his friend.” Olivia said to herself.

“Maybe a little too happy.” Olivia said to herself getting a little worried.

“Oh my god! My son! He’s… gay…” Olivia said to herself shocked. Just as she was about to go over and confront her son she noticed something more shocking.

“Oh Charlotte!” Olivia said angrily.

She started walking towards Charlotte totally oblivious to Shayne and her son Noah!

“Charlotte Edon! I can’t believe you’d disobey me and go behind my back messing around with that!” Olivia said pointing at Cole.
“Me? I can’t believe you’d follow me here!” Charlotte said.
“I didn’t follow you here!” Olivia said.
“Then why are you here?” Charlotte yelled.
“I was following Noa…. I mean yes, I followed you!” Olivia said.
“I knew it! Why can’t you just let me be with Cole! Love concurs all! You’ve got to understand that!” Charlotte yelled!
“Stop listening to silly stories Charlotte, there are NO happy endings!” Olivia said.

“And you! Oh don’t get me started on you! Stay away from my family! Come on Charlotte your not to see this boy.” Olivia said.
“But mum!” Charlotte said.
“No buts! If you stay with this boy, there will be further punishments and ways to stop you seeing this excuse of a boy! Olivia yelled pulling Charlotte away by her wrist.

As Olivia turned around to face Noah, she saw him running. It was too late for him. She’d already seen everything. Well, Olivia knew that. But Noah didn’t.

“Cole is just a guy Charlotte. he can’t be trusted!” Olivia yelled.
“Hey mum.” Noah said.
“Noah, hi. What happened to you outing?” Olivia asked.
“Oh, Shayne had something come up.” Noah lied.
“Oh, ok.” Olivia said burning up inside.

“As for you young lady! Go to your room! And you can go without supper tonight for disobeying me. I’ll think about the rest of your punishment for now.” Olivia said.
“God why are you so mean. Your just being like this now because you have to stick to your princabels. Really, you don’t mind Cole!” Charlotte yelled.
“In your dreams! Now get upstairs and think about what you’ve done and how you’ve talked to your own mother!” Olivia yelled.

“So… Noah… What’ya reading?” Olivia said.
“The newspaper…” Noah said. “Well, trying.” he said smiling.
Olivia tried to laugh but it sounded a bit fake.
“Noah I… I know Noah.” Olivia said.

“About what?” Noah said turning away.
“About you, and Shayne.” Olivia said.
“Yeah, were good friends.” Noah said.
“No, Noah… I saw you k… being quite amorous with him at the park earlier. I know you gay.” Olivia said.
There was a long silence.
“It’s ok Noah. I understand.” Olivia said.
“No you don’t!” Noah suddenly yelled standing up.

“You don’t know what it’s like. Your not the one being picked on. Your not the one who has to know your never gonna have kids. Your not the one that’s never accepted!” he said tears running down his cheeks.
“Noah, it’s ok!” Olivia said reassuringly. “Lots of people are gay but big things come to them. All they do, is ignore everyone who doesn’t respect them for who they are, and try as hard as they can to do what they want.” Olivia said wisely.

“You know what mum, I’m going to become a politician. Specialising in stopping bullying towards homosexuals and making a special phone number for them to call when they feel worried about something.” Noah said.
“I knew you’d dream of doing big things, remember though, you’ll have to make it come true.” Olivia said smiling then coming in for a big hug.

3.11 Romeo and Juliet

21 11 2010

Charlotte decided she wanted to casually show off her new look and she knew exactly how!
“Hey mum, what’s for breakfast?” Charlotte asked.
“Oh were just having….. oh my gosh! You let your blonde back in! And your dress, it’s not just black!” Olivia said excitedly.

Olivia pulled Charlotte in.
“Come here!” Olivia said.
Charlotte laughed.
“You like it then?” Charlotte asked.
“Do I?” Olivia said smiling.
“Cool, I’m going over to Cole’s cya later mum!” Charlotte said.

“What? No. Your staying here. Just because you went back to your natural blonde, doesn’t mean myself and your sister forgive you.” Olivia said.
“What? But Ellie doesn’t even like him any more!” Charlotte said.
“That’s not the point, you don’t date ex’s.” Olivia said.
“Ugh he’s just a boy mum! Ellie doesn’t mind otherwise she would of yesterday!!!” Charlotte screamed storming upstairs.

Charlotte looked out her window. She saw the view, then something below waving to her. It was Cole! She smiled and waved back. And he called her on his cell phone.

“Hey, I really like you Charlotte. Your the cutest girl to ever… well, the only girl to ever except me for who I am!” Cole said.
“And your the only guy who’s ever made sense to me. I mean look at me! My hair is now blonde again, I’m no longer hiding away my feelings or anything! I… I love you Cole!” Charlotte said.

“I…” Cole was interrupted by Olivia.
“What are you doing with the wrong Daughter?!? Your supposed to be with Ellie! I can’t beli…” Charlotte was cut off by Olivia, but she saw how mean she was being to Cole. She had an idea!

She started texting Cole.

After Olivia shooed Cole away from the house, he read his message which he felt vibrating before. Go on Fb at midnite. We gotta talk. There was no name from who sent it. But he knew who it was from; Charlotte.

So like Charlotte asked, he went on at midnight.

And so did she.
“Hey, glad you could come!” Charlotte typed.
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. :)” Cole typed.
“We gotta meet up in secret. It’s the only way. I’f it’s okay, we can go to the beach after school 2moz nite.” Charlotte typed.
“Yeah, k. How will you get past your mum?” Cole said.

“I can tell her I have choir practise like usual.” Charlotte typed.
“Choir? xD” Cole typed.
“It’s not real, I go 2 friends houses. She never knows. I can pretend we have this visit to old folks home so I come round a few times, or go out somewhere.” Charlotte typed.
“Oh rite. Ok, u come over 2moz k till bout 6pm?” he typed.
“Yeah, sure. Ooh g2g! I hear my mum coming!” Charlotte typed.

Charlotte turned off the laptop and stayed very still and quiet.
Olivia looked down the hallway, no one. The lights were off. She listened. No one. She was already hearing things and she was only 43! She really was getting old.

So thats what they did. The following day they met after school and went down to the beach.
They talked for a while then had a snack.
“Charlotte. You know the other day when you said you loved me.” Cole said.
“Hmm. That was embarrassing.” Charlotte said quietly.
“Well, I never got a chance to say that… well, I love you to.” Cole said.

“You do?” Charlotte said.
“Of course. Your the best girl in the world. I couldn’t ask for anyone better.” Cole said smiling.
Charlotte blushed.

“Which is why I’d like to ask you something Charlotte. Will you go steady with me?

“Yes of course I will Cole!” Charlotte said pulling him in for a big hug.

This went on for a while. Sometimes they went to the beach, sometimes to the park, even sometimes, they went to the cinema!

Soon enough the twins were teens, this is Liam who became artistic.

And this is Noah who became excitable.

As Olivia walked into on of the bathrooms she was met by Noah applying make up!
“Oh Noah, Sorry!” Olivia said. “Wait, is that my eyeliner?” she asked.

“Of course not mum! I tried some of Ellie’s eyeliner on and I looked well good. She came in though and told me to go out buy some of my own and they call it guy liner.” Noah said smiling.
“Why do you think you need to wear eye… guy liner? Your brother doesn’t!” Olivia said.
“Yeah but all my friends do. It’s cool at the moment! Seriously, your my mum, you don’t understand style.” he said.
“Oh. Ok then.” Olivia said unsurely.
“Ok, I’m goin out to the park with Shayne.” Noah said.
“Oh, you seem to be spending a lot of time with Shayne lately.” Olivia said.
“Chill mum, were mates, in fact were going girl hunting.” Noah said.
“Oh.” Olivia said laughing. “Go on then, go have fun.” Olivia said relieved.
“Cyas!” Noah said.

At that moment Olivia realised Noah had left his guy liner on the sink. She was no guy make up expert, but she knew when she wore make up she took it with her just in case it needed re applying.

Olivia ran after Noah until she heard him talking on the phone.
“Ok, I’ll talk to you later! Love ya!” Noah said.
Then Olivia realised, Noah was going girl hunting, but it sounded like he already had a girlfriend! He was about to go cheat on his girlfriend!

3.10 My Guy

20 11 2010

Ellie really liked Cole. He was the thing she’d been looking for. She couldn’t wait for him to call, so she headed over to his house. It wasn’t quite what she expected. It was just a small bungalow. At the most 2 person.

As Ellie approached the house she noticed Cole running to her. He gave her a big kiss. Ellie opened her eyes and stopped.

“Oh.” Ellie said.
“What?” he asked.
“I didn’t know that… well you wore glasses.” she said.
“Oh Ellie, just because I wear glasses doesn’t make me any different. I’m still the same guy inside! The guy you met at the gym working out that you were virtually drooling over.” he said.
“I suppose. Can I come in Cole?” Ellie said smiling.
“Sure I’m just doing some studying come on in.” Cole said turning around.

“Studying?” Ellie asked.
Cole turned around.
“Oh, we can just play chess if you want then.” he said.
Ellie looked at Cole with disbelief. The guy who felt so right was a nerd.
“It was never going to work was it Ellie?” Cole said.

“No. I’m sorry Cole. Goodbye.” she said giving him a goodbye kiss.

“Hey hunni, how come your back so early from your date?” Olivia asked.
“Coz me and Cole… Were not together anymore mum.” Ellie said.

“What? Why?” Olivia asked.
“Well, I went over to his and he was studying mum. I hate studying, as you know. Were complete opposites! We both realised were not right for each other.” Ellie said.
“What? That’s stupid Ellie! Most opposites attract!” Olivia said.
“Yeah, most do, but not us.” Ellie said.

Olivia seriously did not think that was a valid reason to split up with such a cute boy. Olivia was going to set them up together no matter what. She remembered when her mother did so for her, it was the best thing her mother ever did.

“Mum! I really don’t wanna spend tonight with Cole, the break up was kinda awquard and I’m supposed to be going out with my friends anyway!” Ellie complained.
“Mum. You seriously not trying to make me sit through this meal with this randomer!” Charlotte complained.
“Girls! I’m your mother and I tell you what you have to do! I’m telling you now, your both going to sit through dinner and Ellie don’t you dare try to sneak off!” Olivia said angrily.
Both girls went quiet. They thought it was best not to aggrivate their mum anymore.

When Cole arrived, everyone grabbed a plate of Grilled salmon and sat down to eat. Everyone was quiet.
“This is really nice Salmon Miss Edon.” Cole said.
“Yes, but compliments to the chef; Ellie.” Olivia lied.
“What? I didn’t cook this!” Ellie said.
“Ellie can’t even cook toast without burning it!” Charlotte said laughing.
Cole laughed. Charlotte looked at Cole. Did he really just laugh at her joke?

After Dinner everyone danced to the stereo. Charlotte danced with Cole.

“So, I hear your into sports Cole?” she asked.
“Yeah, I’m into sports, and chess and stuff. I know it’s an odd mix but it’s exactly the skills I need to become as a special agent.” Cole said. “You?” he asked.
“Oh me? I’m into art and writing.” Charlotte said.
“Writing?” he asked.
“Not really. I do a bit, but it’s not that good.” Charlotte said.
“You should show me, you the kinda girl who’d expect to have lots of emotions.” he said.
“Why?” she asked.
“Look at yourself. You obviously cover yourself up in black because you want to hide yourself away from the world, your expressing yourself. Maybe instead of the black look, you should put everything into your novels. You could be a really good writer!” he said.
“Thanks.” she said blushing.

They stopped dancing and looking into each other’s eyes. Olivia noticed and stopped and watched.

They pulled each other in and kissed. Olivia saw and was hurt inside. How could Ellie’s own twin sister kiss her ex?

“Charlotte Josephine Edon! How could you kiss your own twin sister’s ex? It’s not fair on her!” Olivia yelled. “Cole is Ellie’s ideal man, not yours! Your not into sports!” Olivia yelled.
“But he makes me feel special.” Charlotte said.
“And she makes me feel special Miss Edon!” Cole said butting in.
“Charlotte, your never to see this boy again I tell you! Ellie, take Cole home.” Olivia said.
“It’s okay Miss Edon, I’ll take a taxi.” Cole said getting out his mobile.

Charlotte couldn’t believe her mum just did that. She was so embarrassed. But she couldn’t help but remember what Cole said. Maybe instead of the black look, you should put everything into your novels. You could be a really good writer! This wasn’t her. This is what she thought she was. She didn’t like it. She was going to change it.

Charlotte let the black come out of her hair naturally and eventually it was back to it’s natural blonde. She also went out and bought a brand new outfit. It was no longer black, but it was styled black and white as nice contrasting colours.

She also re-decorated her room. It used to be mainly black, now it’s mainly white. It also had two big windows so she could see the view.

3.9 Dreams, Germs and a whole lot of flirting

14 11 2010

Since Ellie did have a flirty nature and a total athletic need. She obviously attracted a lot of male attention unlike her sister. Those who she kinda liked she brought back home. She just couldn’t find the right guy though.

Meanwhile Bella was having bad dreams.
She screamed!

Olivia ran too Bella.
“Bella, are you ok?” Olivia asked worryingly.
“I had a bad dream! First we were running. From a giant water monster! Then, suddenly you guys stopped and pushed me into the oceon, and I was stuck then the monster came to get me, then I woke up! It was horrible!” Bella said.

“Oh Bella, I always tell you not to eat sweets before bed. Otherwise you have insane dreams like these. And why are you wearing your best dress for bed? Oh Bella, your so silly sometimes.” Olivia said giving Bella a hug.

But Olivia was secretly worried about Bella. This wasn’t a one time thing. It had happened before where she’s worn something totally random and not what your supposed to wear, she’s also had dreams like these before. Was it a phase? She didn’t know. But there was one person who reminded her of Bella. Her half brother; Jackson.

“Mummy.” Ellie said sweetly.
“What do you want Ellie?” Olivia asked.
“What? Just because I’m being nice doesn’t mean I want something mum!” Ellie said.

“Then why are you in your sports gear waiting by the door?” Olivia asked.
“Please mum! I wanna go out. The gym here is boring, the gym in town has music and stuff.” Ellie said.
“Ellie weve talked about this. Your not allowed at the gym in town because you always end up coming home with a boy or a group of friends!” Olivia said.
“Oh mum, I promise not to bring anyone home or anything!” Ellie said with a puppy dog face.
“Oh fine. Just make sure no one comes home with you and your back before dark.” Olivia said.
“Thank you mummy!” Ellie said.

When Ellie arrived at the gym she was about to go on the tredmill when she noticed one person. And one person only. She felt herself druling over his hot sweaty body.

Maybe she was staring for too long, as soon enough he stopped and came over to her.
“Hey, I couldn’t help but notice you, I think your really cute.” he said smiling.
Ellie blushed.
“Thanks. My names Ellie, Ellie Edon.” Ellie said.
“My names Cole Sams, nice to meet you.” he said smiling.

They were flirting for a while until Ellie noticed the time.
“Oh Cole, it’s been so great meeting you. I wish I could stay but I gotta go. Here’s my number. Call me ok?” she said.

“Ok, but just let me do one thing.” Cole said coming close to Ellie.

And they kissed. They smiled and Ellie ran off.

Soon enough Bella was a teenager too. And she became a neat freak.

She was constantly washing hands muttering something about getting rid of the germs.

She insisted on getting a sink installed in her bedroom so she had clean hands throughout the night.

When she imagined germs anywhere she wanted to strangle herself for how much she hated them.

There was only one way Olivia knew to find out if Bella was really insane or just in a phase.
“Bella, don’t you think you’ve been acting a little… well strange recently?” Olivia said.

“What? No. I’ve just got more concious about germs around me that’s all.” Bella said.
“Just germs aye?” Olivia asked.
“Yep.” Bella said.
“Well, if that’s all it then okay.” Olivia said smiling.

Olivia was now worried. Bella just simply acted normaly and made up an excuse. That’s exactly what Jackson did. He said the woman he met must of run away and when Olivia said he might need help he just said it wasn’t true. Olivia knew what she had to do. She wouldn’t be able to do this herself.

So the following day, Olivia did what she had to. And the following week Bella left for the Ashcroft Medical Centre. Olivia hoped to see Bella again some day soon. How did this happen? How did such a sweet little girl with big dreams get tied to such a horrible long term mental disability?

3.8 Grumpy Teens

13 11 2010

Olivia found it hard trying to train both of her new borns life skills at once, but it was worth the trouble when she witnessed both of her lovely children walking their first steps, saying their first word or learning to use the potty for the first time.

Soon enough Bella was old enough for school too.

And much like her older half sister Charlotte, she also loved painting.

And after having 5 children, Olivia started to get pretty old and wrinkles wear appearing on her face every day.

It was time to everything behind her. She just wanted a routine. Everything the same. Her family was perfect now. She had a perfect cellar and her child bearing days were over. It was time to just focus on hobbies and family.

Also, soon enough the boys were children stuck in a house full of 4 girls and just each other to rely on for guy stuff.

This is Liam who became Hydrophobic.

And this is Noah who became Absent minded.

And soon enough it was time for the twins to grow up too! They somehow convinced Olivia to choose what they bought from the store. This is Ellie, who became flirty.

And this is Charlotte who became Grumpy.

When Ellie arrived home Olivia was worried.
“Ellie! What are you wearing? Why’ve you died your hair black? I said your allowed to choose your own clothes as long as their not too relieving remember?” Olivia said aggressively.

“Oh mum, you know I tried my hardest to find something like that, but non of them were in my size.” Ellie said giving a puppy dog face. “You know I’d tell the truth, don’t you mum?” Ellie said sweetly.

Olivia couldn’t resist, that face, on that girl, she could get anything!
“Well, I suppose if this was the only one in your size.” Olivia said.

“Thank you mummy, your the bestest!” Ellie said.
“Well, at least I could trust your sister to get something sensible.” Olivia said.
“Oh. Well that was kind of a fashion disaster mum. Charlotte kind of. Well, she says it expresses her feelings or something.” Ellie said walking away giggling.

Olivia paused. What did Ellie mean? Charlotte was expressing her “feelings”. This worried Olivia.

As Charlotte walked in Olivia nearly had a heart attack! She nearly fell over but pushed herself back up in time. Charlotte just stood there appalled by Olivia’s reaction to her new look.

“Jeez mum, no need to fake fall over. It’s just an outfit, some hair dye and a bit of make up. Stop over-reacting!” Charlotte said.

“Just an outfit? It’s not an outfit, it’s the grim reaper robes sold at a store! I can’t believe they sold that at ‘Teez’ like I asked you to go to.” Olivia said.
“Teez? No one shops at ‘teez’ mum! I went to ‘Inside’ and Ellie went to ‘glitz and glamour’.” Charlotte confessed agrily.

“I can’t believe you went against everything I told you! Go to your room right now young lady!” Olivia said.

“Make me.” Charlotte said smugly.

“Your just as bad as your rotten father!” Olivia said. “You never listen and don’t take orders from anyone apart from yourself.”

Charlotte jumped up defensibly.
“I’m nothing like him! You can’t compare him too me!” Charlotte yelled running off to her room.
Was that Charlotte? She was really insulted when she said that. Did she hate her father. Was it Gavin who made her like this? Maybe.

3.7 The Truth

7 11 2010

Soon enough the twins were ready for School, this is Ellie who became athletic.

And this is Charlotte who became a light sleeper.

One day Gavin came over. Olivia new this was a disaster waiting to happen.

Gavin came in for a hug.
“Hey baby!” Gavin said happily.
“Get off me!” Olivia said.
“Hey Olive babe, we had a deal, you keep up your end!” he said.
“No, I have something important to tell you.” Olivia said.
“Ok, but then we go back to our deal right?” Gavin asked.
“It’s your decision.” Olivia said.

“Ok Babe, come on, out with this news, were loosing time! Just make it quick and snappy.” Gavin said.
“Quick and snappy? You sure?” Olivia said.
“Yes!” Gavin said impatiently.
“There’s no easy way to say this Gavin. But, well, I’m pregnant.” Olivia said.

“Well done for you and Owen but your obviously not visible pregnancy yet so come on!” Gavin said getting up.

“No, Gavin, you don’t understand. The baby… It’s yours.” Olivia said.
Gavin took a second to take it in until you say him get sweaty and panicky.

“This is all your fault! I don’t want you stupid kids anymore Olivia! I was just here for the sex! And well, the annoyance to Owen, that was just an extra! I don’t love them! Seriously, I hate kids, I hate jobs, heck, I hate being in a proper relationship too long! Goodbye Olivia. Don’t expect to see me again. Owen will figure out soon enough about the pregnancy.” Gavin said.

“Well, don’t expect me to welcome you with open arms if you return! You won’t get another chance! Don’t you dare come back, other else!” Olivia said.
“pft. Yeah right.” Gavin said laughing walking out the door.

What was Olivia going to do? She lost Gavin the father of two of her children and another to come, and as soon as Owen found out the new baby was his, he’d dump her. She was alone.

“Owen, I have some big news. I’m just gonna come out with it.” Olivia said. “There’s going to be another baby in this house!” Olivia said excitedly.

“That’s great! This is fantastic news! I’m going to have another child! When’s your first appointment at the doctors?” Owen asked.
“Owen, ya see, well…” Olivia said. droning out.
“Go on, what were you saying?” Owen asked.

Olivia looked into Owen’s big loving eyes. She could not heart break him like this. It wasn’t his fault. Olivia could live with the burden… for him.
“I was going to invite you to the first doctors appointment tomorrow!” Olivia said happily.
“Oh, cool, I’ll come home from work early.” Owen said. “I’ve gotta get some work done, but we can chat about names and things over dinner.” he said smiling.

“Ok, now Mrs. Edon, if you could just lift your top up so I can see if your baby is healthy.” The doctor said.
Olivia lifted her top up and the doctor put gel on her stomach then put on a roller that was connected to the computer.

The doctor put a picture facing Olivia on the table.
“Your baby is perfectly healthy. Would you like to know the gender?” the doctor asked.
“We’ve decided to let it be a surprise.” Owen said smiling.
Olivia looked at the picture, he or she was amazing.
“Can I have a look?” Owen asked.
“Sure.” Olivia said smiling.

Owen looked at the picture. He smiled. Then he read something, he was confused. Then his face went angry. Then blank.
“Olivia, why does this say two months and 3 weeks old? We never… ya no, 2 months and 3 weeks ago.” Owen said.
“I think I’ll give you some privacy.” The doctor said quickly leaving the room.

“Go on. Explain!” Owen said.
“Oh baby, I love you so much. I didn’t want you to find out this way!” Olivia said.
“Who is he?” Owen asked.
“He was black mailing me Owen!” Olivia said.
“Who is he!?!” Owen said angrily.

“I love you so much Owen. I have to tell you the truth though. The baby, it’s… Gavin’s.” Olivia said.

Owen buried his head in his hands.
“Owen?” Olivia asked.

“I could expect this from Gavin! But not from you Olivia. I thought we had something?” Owen said.
“We did. We still do Owen! He black mailed me!” Olivia said.
“You should of told me. I would of understood you then. But now your pregnant, and there’s nothing we can do about it.” Owen said. “You know what Olivia, ever since I’ve been with you all I’ve had is regret, sorrow, and rage. I can’t stand it anymore. I don’t think it’s fair on the kids anymore. I’m sorry Olivia, I have to leave you.” Owen said.

“Owen, no.” Olivia said.
“I love you. But I can’t deal with the heartbreak anymore. Sorry Olivia.” Owen said.

Olivia was now alone with her 3 children and giant stomach. She’d had enough romance in her life. All she wanted now, was to look after her children, and her wine collection. She wanted nothing more to do with Gavin or Owen Lanee.

Suddenly one afternoon while the twins were at school, Olivia once again felt the contractions, she didn’t have to think, the baby was coming, and there was no one there to help her to the hospital, so she had a home birth. That’s the last time she’s near the due date and stays home alone!

This is Noah, he was artistic and friendly.

This is Liam, his twin brother who was a virtuoso and Good.