4.16 Twin Terror

23 01 2011

“Cornelius!” Chase said in an aggrivated tone.
“Hmm? Wat dad? Make it quick.” Cornelius said.
“No I won’t ‘make it quick.’ This is important! Sit up right lad!” Chase said angrily.

“I’ve had a phone call from school… They wanted to tell me you grades are dropping, and are very concerned about your education…” Chase said.
“No sweat dad… I’m going to be an athlete, or get a job in the military!” Cornelius said reassuringly.
“No Cornelius, the school will kick you out of extra curicular sports if you don’t maintain at least c+’s in Maths, english, physics, chemistry and biology.” Chase said.
“What? They can’t do that!” Cornelius said.
“They can… and will. Sort out your grades son, or else you won’t be able to continue playing sports…” Chase said walking out the room…

“What am I gonna do?” Cornelius thought.

So he worked.

And worked.

And worked.

And worked well into the night on all his subjects!

And he still couldn’t achieve c’s! How did his brother do it?
“That’s it!” Cornelius thought happily. “Chrisitan can tutor me!”

“What makes you think I’ll help you for nothing?” Christian said.
“Well, I could teach you to be good with girls?” Cornelius said.
“You could do that?” Christian asked.
“Yeah sure. Just help me get at least a c average!” Cornelius said.
“Course.” Christian said shaking Cornelius’ hand.

So Christian helped Cornelius study (using chess to stimulate his mind).

And Cornelius helped Christian get girls (becoming fitter to attract girls).

So as time went on, Christian become quite the romancer, especially to a girl called Mandie Bougorous. And now Cornelius was the quite nerd in the corner practising for his physics exam looking at the sky (in day), but his grades were still at a d+. He was very close and just needed a little more help!

Where as Christian, obviously no longer needed Cornelius’ help…

“Christian, please please please, just help me study for my big test tommorrow! I’ve gotta get a C otherwise I’ll be kicked off all the sport teams!” Cornelius begged.
“Sorry Cornelius, me and Mandie are going to the cinema tonight.” Christian said.
“What? But you wouldn’t even know or have Mandie if I hadn’t helped you!” Cornelius said angrily.
“You can study by yourself! Chill dude. Who cares about school anyways?” Christian said walking away laughing.

How could of his own twin brother done this to him? He now had to do the only thing he could do. Study by himself.

And he studied hard well into the night, while Christian was off with Mandie,

Eventually, Cornelius woke up by the laptop as he heard the school bus horn the following day. He jumped up and ran to the school bus only hoping he’d learn enough.

Chase asked the school to ring him as soon as they’d marked the results, so he waited at home for his son to return once he knew. Cornelius looked at his father. It wasn’t good news. His face was dissapointed. Cornelius walked up to him.

As Cornelius looked at his father, his face saddened.
“Ok. Tell me now. How bad did I do? Is it close? Obviously not otherwise you wouldn’t be as dissapointed… Just tell me… what did I get?” Cornelius asked.
Suddenly Chase’s expression turned around.

“You got a B+!” Chase exclaimed!
“I what?” Cornelius said happily.
“A B+! I’m so proud of you son. I told you if you put your mind to it you could do well! Keep up the good work.” Chase said proudly.
Cornelius walked inside with a smile on his face. He could now get back to work on his abs.

Christian walked past Chase.
“Wait. The school decided to tell me what you got too.” Chase said.

“School told me you’ve got a c-. Your grades have been decreasing rapidly lately Christian… What’s up?” Chase asked.
“Nothing!” Christian asked.
“Is it because of that Mandie? Is she distracting you?” Chase asked.
“No dad! I’m still passing. Why do I have to be so perfect?” Christian yelled.
“You don’t. It’s just you normally do so well. This isn’t you Christian.” Chase said.

“I suppose your right… But I can’t just leave my social life alone. But I can’t leave my studies either… What do I do?” Christian asked.
“Maybe you just need to balance yourself correctly. You may want to relax with Mandie sometimes, but you can’t just abandon your studies for her! Maybe after school, study with her or on your own till 5:30 then you can have the rest of the time to yourself or with Mandie.” Chase said.
“Yeah, I spose that sounds all right. Thanks dad.” Christian said walking into the house.

“What do you want?” Cornelius asked angrily.
“Listen Cornelius, I’m so sorry. I’ve been so pre-occupied lately, I was extremely horrible when I didn’t help you. I just hope you can forgive me. If there’s anything I can do…” Christian said.
“Your apologising?” Cornelius asked.
“uhuh.” Christian said.

Cornelius got up and walked to Christian.
“That’s all I needed to hear… Your my brother, and nothing can split us up.” Cornelius said smiling.
“Thanks Corey.” Christian said smiling. “You are a great brother.”


4.15 Christian

22 01 2011

This chapter tells the reader who becomes heir. If you don’t want to know yet for some unknown reason, please do not read until later, thank you. 🙂

“Guess what boys?” Chase said excitedly.
“What?” Cornelius asked.
“Me and Jenny, were getting married!” he said excitedly.
Neither boys replied. They both looked blankly into their father’s eyes. Was he serious? Christian turned around, he could not look at his father.
“You can be happy for my can’t you boys? What is it Christian?” Chase asked confused.

“How could you?” Christian yelled.
“You knew I was with Jenny, and weve been serious for some time now…” Chase said.
“I know, I thought it was just some flimsy one night stand with some cheap young girl who was Jack’s girlfriend may I add. But now your getting married? How could you. Mum loved you more than earth itself, and you can just replace her within a couple of years?” Christian said.
“Christian listen…” Chase was intterupted.
“No you listen! Either she goes, or I go.” Christian yelled.
Chase looked at Christian with puppy dog eyes.
“No dad. I’ll give you till the wedding day, then I’ll leave. Or stay depending on if you leave her.” Christian said.
“Fine!” Chase yelled. “Be stubbern. I know you hate her, but you could of given her a chance…” Chase said softly.

“Christian, I know your upset, but don’t take such drastic measures. I’m sure maybe we could give her a chance.” Cornelius said.
“Cornelius, I can’t believe what your saying? She’s young enough be dad’s daughter! It’s totally irrational, she’s gotta be here for something.” Christian said.
“I know what it looks like… but maybe she is here for love… we need to give her a chance Chris…” Cornelius said.
“I can’t believe it… my own twin brother… letting are own father replace our mother… You make me sick. I stick by what I’ve said. I will leave!” Christian said.

They’re my principals Cornelius!” Christian said with great feeling.
Cornelius looked into his brothers eyes, then looked down and sighed.
“If this is what you really want to do Chris…” Cornelius said.
“Thank you for understanding.” Christian said smiling. “Deep down you are a good guy.”

So what Christian decided, was that he was going to spy on Jenny. Every move she made… He soon realised she had a book.

She wrote in it everyday. Christian soon discovered it was a Diary.

And it’d surely have the answer why she was with Chase. However, she’d always have it hidden, he searched all the time for it, determined to find where it had been, but he was forever unsucessful.

One night Jenny went online… she wasn’t exactly the computer genius, so Christian hoped she did not know how to delete history.

With Christian being quite good with computers he sneeked in after Jenny, and checked the history… it had been deleted, well either that or it had been on private browsing… He was about to give when he noticed the button “recently closed”. He clicked the link… It came up with two tabs… One about which bank gave the best interest (indicating Jenny was quite frugal) and another showing booked flights… to Paris. The night they set off was night of the wedding. But there were no return tickets. He closed the tab and quickly snuck into bed. Before he fell asleep he pondered about why she had bought no return tickets…

“I’m telling you dad, she’s up to something. I know she’s not here because she loves you.” Chris said.
“And how do you know that.” Chase asked.
“I’ve been seeing her… doing strange things, like look for the best interest rates on banks… that’s a little insane don’t you think?” Chris said.
“She’s just looking for a way for our money to last!” Chase said.
“Well ok, but she’s only bought 1 way tickets to Paris for your honeymoon, explain that?” Chris said.
“Oh, myself and Jenny discussed this, we will be going over into work times and I’ve been allowed time off work, but I may need to return for an emergancy, so we could come back whenever we wanted…” Chase said.
“But what about that Diary of hers? She’s constantly scribbling in it.” Chris said.

“Listen, Chris, Jenny is perfectly sane, she wants nothing more than to spent her eternity of life with me and you two because she loves us. She’s not up to anything.” Chase said.
“But…” Chris was interruped.
“But nothing. Don’t you ever think that maybe what you’ve seen is a little biased because you think I’m replacing her with your mother?” Chase said.
“Hmmmm maybe…” Chris said.
“I’m not replacing your mother, she could never be replaced, but can’t you let me find happiness with someone else? It’s what she’d of wanted!?!” Chase said.
“Hmmm maybe…” Chris said.

“It’s finally here Chase. Your big day. Your wedding with Ellie!” he paused. “I just said Jenny then didn’t I? Not Ellie. Of course not! That’d be crazy!” Chase thought a bit unsurely.

“Come on Jenny. Just a quickie wedding, get to paris, and you’ll be home free with all the deeds, I don’t have to hand them over If I don’t want too then I can find a hot celeb and marry him. Ahh a dream come true.” She said dreamily. “But will I be able to live with the guilt of killing a man, and kicking two people on the street? Of course I can, they can go live with their half brother or half sister, and Chase can live with his wife in heaven… Yeah.” she said a little unsurely.

“Hello. Is this the Seas residence?” Christian asked.
“Yes it is. Can I help you?” a man asked.
“I am Jack Edon, Jenny’s ex.” Christian lied.
“Oh. Sorry Jenny’s not here.” The man said trying to close the door.
Christian put his foot out to stop the door. “I’m here to say goodbye… She will not let me see her so maybe I could say goodbye in her bedroom?” Christian asked.
The man gave Christian a funny look. “Ok. Be quick…” he said.

“Cornelius, where’s your brother? He’s supposed to be here now!” Chase said sweating.
“It’s ok. He’ll be here. He said he would.” Cornelius said.
“Oh. Ok. Good. He better not miss the reception though.” Chase said.
“He never would.” Cornelius said smiling.

“Come on Christian, do this for me, and Chase. Not her.” Cornelius whispered looking up at the sky.

Jenny began to walk down the aisle by herself. (She was not walked by anyone as he parents were not keen on her anymore as she’d gone to marry a man double her age against their wishes. Jenny said if it wasn’t her father, then it wasn’t anyone).

Christian burst into Jenny’s room. He looked around; she obviously hadn’t been able to decorate it herself… He looked around for the book.

He saw books on the desk he looked through them until he saw it… the diary! He started reading it.
“Today I am to collect the fortune, as it’s my wedding day to Chase. I wish this horrible day can be over and done with so he can mysteriously get run over in Paris then I fly back home and act sad. Then kick the twins out. It shouldn’t take long until I have the house and the money to myself…”

Christian gasped. He put the book into his bag and ran to the church as fast as his legs would take him! Forgetting the world around him focusing on his target! He couldn’t let this happen! He would never forgive himself if he didn’t get there in time!

“If there is anyone present who has a reason for this couple not to be wed in holy matrimony today, please speak now, or forever hold your peace…” The minister said.
At that moment Christian burst through the doors.
“Me! You cannot marry that woman dad!” He yelled.
“Christian!” Chase said in an aggravated voice.

Christian ran up to his father.
“This woman is only here for our fortune father! She has no interest in you or our family!” He yelled.
Jenny looked at Christian with an angry face.
“What proof do you have?” Chase asked in an aggravated voice.
“This book! It’s Jenny’s diary and it says how much of a gold digger she’s been since day one!” Christian said passing the book to Chase.

Chase scanned the pages and anger spread across his face as he turned to face Jenny.
“It’s true! How could you Jenny?” He asked in anger.
“I… I…. I’m sorry Chase!” Jenny said with tears streaming down her face.

Jenny ran as fast as she could! She’d done so much wrong to the family. She couldn’t take any more anger, rage or embarrassment. She’d gone… and she would never come back…

Chase pulled Christian into a mighty bear hug.
“I’m so sorry son. I should of believed you.” Chase said.
“It’s okay dad. I understand your sight was misted by your imaginary love towards Jenny that were pretty much just your old feelings for mum…” Christian said.
Chase released Christian.
“I’m sorry everyone, but obviously now the wedding is cancelled, you can all now return to your families and lives.” Chase said smiling. The three of them left towards their house and everyone else left behind them… Jenny was now behind them, and it was time to name the heir…

It was time. The three boys stood in a line.
“Boys, Scarlet said she cannot be here today, but a message has been passed onto her to tell her the good news that one of you will be heir. But living in Egypt I’m sure she’ll be happy for the new heir.” Chase said.

“Jack, I know you’re very happy with your father, and working towards your career in science, I know baring the weight of the legacy will be too hard for you. I’m sorry, you’re not heir.” Chase said.
“I am glad it’s not me, as that house is a death trap, but I know why you haven’t picked me. It’s because I’m not directly your son! And that’s why you haven’t picked Scarlet either. We would both make amazing heirs but you decided to pick one of the Jedward twins over there. You’re so shallow! Ugh!” Jack said storming off.

“Boys, I hope you understand that one of you is becoming heir because I think you’d be most suitable, not because your one of my sons’.” Chase said reassuringly.
“Of course. We know dad. You’d never stoop that low!” Cornelius said.

“Cornelius, I admire your laid back style, but I’m just not sure that’s strong enough to be the head of a legacy, I hope you understand.” Chase said.
“Well, I can’t say I’m not disappointed, but yeah, I think it’d be too hard for me. I understand completely dad.” Cornelius said smiling.

“Christian, you’ve always been so observant, so loyal, so trustworthy, your dream is to become an entrepreneur, I admire that you have set yourself a goal, and your ready to do whatever it takes to have that goal. When your 18th birthday gets here, I’ll be proud to hand over the deeds to the house and your mother’s sports arena, and the family fortune. Your going to be a great heir Christian.” Chase said smiling.
“Oh thank you so much dad! You won’t regret making me heir!” Christian said pulling his father in for a hug.

4.14 Growing up with Jenny

16 01 2011

Jenny’s and Chase’s secret affair went on for a long time.

But obviously Jenny didn’t want Jack to get suspicious. She had tried to break up with him, but just couldn’t find the right way to tell him she was in love with his father and wanted nothing more to do with him. So she invited him over often.

Soon enough it was Cornelius’ and Christian’s birthday. They invited loads of their friends (some who were already teens and some who were still in childhood) to their super cool pool party! And of course Jack’s (or should I say Chase’s) girlfriend was also there.

Soon enough it was time for the boys to grow up. First of all Christian grew up.

Who became very handsome and developed the charismatic trait.

Then it was Cornelius’ turn.

He also became charismatic.

Although, Christian very much envied Cornelius. They may of both been charismatic, but in a differant way. Christian was very confident talking about things he was good at… like maths and school. Where as Cornelius was more of a ladies man. He could chat any of the girls up in seconds, they constantly swooned over him. He could have any girl he liked. They were so very much alike, but not at the same time.

One night while Jack was waiting in the bedroom for Jenny, he found a book under her pillow. He smiled as he read it.
“I saw him again today. He truly loves me more than I can imagine!” he read.
“Chase is the most wonderful gentle man I’ve ever met. He’s amazing!” he stopped smiling.

“Hey babe.” Jenny entered smiling.
“Oh my gosh! Get off that. It’s mine!” Jenny said running towards the diary.

“It’s too late Jenny. I know what you’ve been up to.” Jack said in discust.
“I don’t know what your talking about.” Jenny said.
“Don’t play dumb with me! I’ve read it! Your cheating on me… but not with some other man… with my step father!” Jack said.
“Jack. I was going to tell you…” Jenny said.
“I’ve heard enough. Goodbye Jenny.” Jack said storming out the house.

“Oh, hey Jack.” Chase said.

Jack pulled up Chase by the shirt, Chase dropped his book in the unexpectance.
“Woah!” Chase said.
“You bastard!” Jack said.
“What?” Chase said.
“You slept with my girlfriend!” Jack yelled.

“Jack… It’s not what it seems like.” Chase said.
“What do you mean? You slept with her!” Jack said.

“It’s just you don’t understand!” Chase said.
“So Now I’m an idiot am I?” Jack said.
“Just give me a chance to explain Jack!” Chase said.

Jenny entered.
“Jack! Don’t do anything stupid!” Jenny said.
“Get away from me… both of you! I can’t stand this any more… I’m leaving.” Jack said.
“What! No Jack! No!” Jenny said.
“Where will you go?” Chase said.
“To my dad’s house. It’s just. I can’t live here anymore… I understand Scarlet now… this house. It’s cursed… Not one family member has made it through.

“Hey.” Chase said.
Jenny whimpered and tears ran down her cheeks while she sat looking at a picture of Jack.
“It’s ok.” Chase taking her in his arms.

“I know it’s just, even though I no longer loved him, I still wanted to be his friend…” Jenny lied.
“I know baby. It’s alright…” Chase said.
“I don’t know if I can even go home… Go to where the last time he was actually nice to me…” Jenny said.
“Well. Move in here! We can throw you your big 18th that’s coming up! We do have a massive house, you could throw 10 parties here at once!” Chase said.
“Oh thank you so much! I love you Chase!” Jenny said happy to hear what she’d wanted to come up.

That 18th was right around the corner, and Chase and Jenny got busy setting everything up… well Chase did, Jenny just left him too it. It was a big party were everyone brought their cozzies with them, there was music and dancing, and they started with Jenny becoming a young adult.

And Jenny grew up looking just as she did as a teen. Still as beutiful as ever… Learning to have no sense of humor.

Soon enough Jenny was dancing with another man at her party… and Chase was not happy…

“Jenny! How dare you dance so innapropiatly! It’s embarrasing!” Chase yelled.
“Jeez Chase chill out! It’s my birthday party and I’m just having a little fun with my friend Herman here.” Jenny said.
“Please Jenny. Don’t dance like that again, I love you and I couldn’t bare loosing you to some low life at your party.” Chase said softly.

Jenny laughed.
“Is that was this is all about?” she asked. “Chase listen, I love you more than every star in the universe shines, there is no one more I’d rather be with. I’d never cheat on you.” she said smiling.

“Then marry me.” Chase said.
“Wha.. what?” Jenny said.
Chase knealt down on one knee.
“I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I met you… If you truly believe those things you just said, you’d marry me.” Chase said.

“Oh yes! Of course I’ll marry you Chase!” she screamed with excitment.

As they fell into a loving hug, Chase couldn’t help but smile! He’d so glad he could marry Elli… no, Jenny…

And Jenny couldn’t help but pull an evil smirk as she was only weeks away from achieving ultimate fortune…

4.13 uh oh!

15 01 2011

Soon enough Jack became a handsome teenager and developed an interest in humor and comedy.

With it being Jack’s birthday it was the perfect time for Tyler to come and see his son, and with Jack not enrolled in high school yet, he was at home while everyone else was at school or work.
“Hello Jack.” Tyler said.

“I know you said that you didn’t want me to be your father but…” Tyler was interrupted.
“Dad, I’m sorry. You’ve been nice to me ever since you found out that you had me. You accepted me and been here for me. And, I’ve not been for you. I’m sorry.” Jack said.
“What, so, you’ll let me be your father now?” Tyler said.

“Definitely.” Jack said smiling.
“Good, because I’ve got someone for you to meet son.” Tyler said.
“Who is it?” Jack said excitedly.

“Come in!” Tyler called laughing. “Meet Jenny. She’s seen you around school and has been dying to meet you.”
Tyler left.

“Hey, your Jack Edon right?” she said excitedly.
“Yeah, nice to meet you Jenny.” he said smiling.

“I sit behind you in math and you’ve said hi once or twice, but I can’t help but wanna be with you. All the time. I know it sounds silly…” Jenny was interrupted.
“I don’t think it’s silly.” Jack said smiling.

“Oh, I knew you’d understand!” Jenny said pulling him in for a hug.

As they pulled away, they looked into each other’s eyes.
“Hey Jenny, you wouldn’t wanna go out sometime and do somethin would ya?” Jack asked.
“I’d love to.” Jenny said.

“In fact, how about now?” Jenny said kissing him.
“Sure.” Jack said smiling.

They spent the whole day together whether it was making lunch, or just plain relaxing on the bed. They soon found out they were more than just crushes on each other. They soon spent the final hours together, on the bed.
“Jack.” Jenny said.
“hmm?” he replied.
“Were alone. In a house, on a bed together. We could… show are love for each other?” she said.
Jack looked at Jenny. He did truly love her. So why not? He couldn’t think of a reason.
“Ok.” he said smiling.

As Chase arrived home from work, Jenny and Jack were holding each others hands and staring into each other’s eyes.
“Oh! Dad!” Jack said taking his hands off Jenny.
“Oh. Hi son.” Chase said smiling. “Who’s your friend?”

“Dad, Jenny. Jenny, this is my dad; Chase.” Jack said.
“Hey Jenny, it’s lov…” Chase stopped.
Chase looked at Jenny. He saw her, but not as he was supposed to. He looked at Jenny, and saw Ellie. She has beautiful blonde hair, her cute cheeks that wrinkle when she smiles. Her small eyes and eyebrows that rise so high when she is happy. And her nose that’s a bit bigger than average, but completes the picture.
“Dad.” Jack said.
“Dad!” he said louder.
“Oh erm. Sorry. Lovely to meet you Jenny.” Chase said.
“You too.” Jenny said looking at Chase embarrassed for him.

“Dad, I was just wondering if Jenny could stay for tea.” Jack asked.
“Sure. Jenny make yourself at home.” Chase said not making eye contact with Jenny.

After everyone had finished Dinner, the boys ran to play and the three were sat there in an awkward silence.
“I need the loo.” Jack said getting.
Jenny grabbed onto his arm and whispered “Don’t leave me!”
Jack removed her arm.
“I’ll only be a second.” Jack said smiling.

“Jenny I wanted to talk to you.” Chase said.
“Listen, I’ve gotta be home soon, so.” Jenny said getting up.
“But Ellie!” Chase was interrupted.
“Ellie? My names Jenny.” Jenny said.
“Oh sorry, slip of the tongue.” Chase said.

“But E… Jenny, I feel the chemistry between us. I know you do too. To Jack, your just a high school romance. But to me. You can have a mature relationship that can blossem.” Chase said going to kiss Jenny on the lips.
“Ew get away from me.” Jenny said pushing him away in disgust. “Your an old man who’s trying to make your son’s girlfriend have an affair with him with yourself!”
Jenny ran out the room and out the front door.

The following day Jenny and Jack met up.
“Isn’t this view amazing Jack?” Jenny asked.
“Sure is. But without you it would be nothing.” He said smiling.
Jenny blushed. “Maybe one day we could buy a mansion on a beach house with a balcony, and we can sit there every morning and watch the sunrise.” Jenny said.
“That sounds nice. But how will we afford it?” Jack said.
“Doesn’t your family have like a mega fortune.” Jenny said.

“Hmmm. But only the heir gets the money, it could be me, one of my brothers or my sister. Even if I win, we could only live on that lot. We can’t move, and we have to live with my dad.” Jack said.
“What? So, you won’t be like, rich when your older?” Jenny asked.
“No. But does that matter? Were together remember.” Jack said smiling.
“Hmm.” Jenny said a bit unsure.

As Jenny lay at home in her bed, she slowly, elegentally wrote in her journal.
Dear Diary, bad news, for Jack only has a 1 in fourth chance of being heir to all the money, and if he is heir, I’m afraid I shall have to get married to him and concieve many children to satisfy him for the legacy. Even if he happens to “mysteriously die in a fire”. Then one of his brothers or his sister would take his place unless I had a child. I cannot have a part of this family fortune… unless… he has a father! His father is very much in love with me, and marrying him, I would then recieve my fortune. No children nessisary. And then he will die of old age so I can enjoy the money myself! A perfect plan!
With love, Jennifer Seas.

“Chase?” Jenny said.
“Oh Jenny. Thank goodness your here. I just wanted to say thanks for not telling Jack about the other day. I’m sorry, I’m quite embarressaed about that.” he said burrying his head back into his book.

Jenny took her clothes off.
“What is it. You can go now Jenny. I don’t think Jack’s back though yet.” Chase said not looking back up from his book.
“I’m not here for him Chase.” Jenny said smiling.
Chase looked up.
“Woah.” Chase said.

She jumped on top of Chase and he just couldn’t resist. He saw Jenny as his Wife Ellie again, and she just found him as another way to fortune.

4.12 The kids

9 01 2011

Quickchat with pinkcat53@yahoo.co.uk started.
“Hi.” Scarlet typed.
“Oh. Erm hi.” Pinkcat typed.
“I want to know who you are. How did you know about what was about to happen to the twins?” Scarlet asked.
“I like, know about the twins because Gavin was like telling me his scheme.” Pinkcat typed.
“But who are you?” Scarlet asked.

“An Annonomous person Edon.” Pinkcat typed.
“I mean Scarlet!” Pinkcat typed.
“Oh, so its you aye Elizabeth?” Scarlet typed.
“No! Of course not! And if it was, I’d like totally ask you to not say about this to anyone.” Elizabeth typed.
“Of course. 🙂 Bye Elizabeth.” Scarlet typed. *Scarlet logged out.*
“Scarlet come on, you need to go get changed!” Chase called.
“Ok one second!” Scarlet replied.

The family then had the funeral, where they all mourned the loss of their mother.

After everyone had paid they’re respects, the twins and Jack went to play on the playground and Scarlet and Chase sat down to have a drink of coffee.
“So, have you made a decision yet wheither your going to Egypt to visit Jason or not yet?” Chase asked.
“Erm…” Scarlet looked down at her cup not making eye contact. “Yeah I have. I’m going.” Scarlet said. “And have you made a decision yet?” Scarlet asked.
Chase let out a sigh. “Yes. I have. I’ve decided to let you go.” Chase said.

“What?” Scarlet asked surprised.
“Your 17 in a couple months and you get all this responsibilty. I’ve gotta let go and let you take control of your own life.” Chase said.
“Thanks Cha… I mean dad.” Scarlet said smiling.
“No problem.” he said smiling.
“I’ll be leaving tommorrow morning with Uncle Noah.” Scarlet said. Chase nodded and sipped his drink.

*The next day*
“So your leaving huh?” Chase asked.
“Yup. Noah and Avery are gonna come with their car and were going to set off for the airport.” Scarlet replied.
“Well… goodbye.” Chase said.
“Bye.” Scarlet said.
They looked at each other and hugged tightly, then when Noah and Avery arrived Chase waved goodbye.

“Hello.” Chase said smiling shaking the mans hand. “Chase Edon, … and you?” he asked.
“Tyler. Tyler Carr. I was… erm Ellie’s friend. May I see her?” Tyler asked.
“You better come in.” Chase said.

“So she’s dead?” Tyler asked.
“Yes. I’m sorry.” Chase said.
“Not as much as I should be. She was your wife… How are the kids?” Tyler asked.
“Well, Scarlet’s gone on a trip to Egypt, Jack’s fishing, and the twins are playing in the hobby room.” Chase said.
“The twins? I knew about Scarlet, and our child, but the twins?” Tyler said to himself.
“What, Jack he’s… yours?” Chase asked.
“Hmmm. It’s a long story, but were never truly an item.” Tyler said.

“Never an item? You obviously were you slept with her!” Chase said angrily. “Yes. I know you slept with her so the guys at work didn’t give you any grief. You totally used Ellie! And she had to pay by having another child, by herself!” He shouted.
“Her parents were there.” Tyler said.
“What? When you woke your mother up in mornings, did she come to help you, then rush off to work and then your grandparents would come in and help you? No. You have no idea what Ellie went through.” Chase shouted.
“I’m, I’m sorry. I didn’t know I needed contraception!” Tyler said wimpishly.
“What planet do you live on?” Chase said “Get out of my house now!”

“You cannot stop me seeing my son!” Tyler shouted.
“That’s what you’ve come here for?” Chase said rhetorically.
There was a long silence.
“Fine. I expect you know your way round here. He’s out back. But he doesn’t know who his real father is. He thinks it’s me. Ellies choise not mine.” Chase said.

“Hey son.” Tyler said.
Jack looked at him smiled then looked back at the pond.
“You going to reply?” Tyler asked.
“I’m not supposed to speak to strangers.” Jack said.
Tyler laughed. “I’m not stranger Jack. I’m your father.” he said.

“Wha? No you can’t be. My father is inside. His name is Chase.” Jack said.

“Listen son, he’s not your father. Like he isn’t Scarlet’s father either.” Tyler said.
“Oh yeah. Her father lives in egypt. How cool is that? So how are you cooler then my dad? Are you from France? Are you a super hero? Did you die and come back to life?” Jack said hopefully.
Tyler laughed. “I’m sorry. I’m just your average polition. I was an athlete like your mother, but I decided that career wasn’t for me. I do have a lot of money though. I could give you anything you want! Instead of sharing a this slightly large home with your family, I could buy you your own mansion next to mine, and a big car of your choice when your 17.” he said.
“I don’t want you to be my father.” Jack said.

“What? I’m your biological father Jack! You don’t get a choice!” Tyler said.
“Well, I don’t want you to be my father. You seem nasty. My dad is a kind man, even if he is a boring docter.” Jack said.
“Don’t be silly.” Tyler said forcing a hug on Jack.
“Get away from me you strange man!” Jack said pushing him away then running to Chase.

He gave Chase a big hug.
Chase laughed.
“Ok ok! I love you too little guy.” Chase said smiling.

“Go tell your brothers that it’s bed time and I’ll meet you all upstairs in 10 minutes k?” Chase asked.
“Ok.” Jack said.

“There only half brothers though arn’t they Chase?” Tyler said.
“He’s said that he doesn’t want you here Tyler. Just leave now. You can’t force him to love you.” Chase said.
“I can Chase! I’ll show you, he’ll want me one day Chase.” Tyler said walking out the door.

“Dad what’s for tea tonight?” Jack asked.
“Not another pizza. This is the third night in a row!” Cornelius said.
“Please dad, just do the kitchen.” Christian said.
“This is Ellie’s kitchen, she makes it, and she never got a chance too, so that’s how we’ll keep it.” Chase said.
“But dad!” Cornelius said.

“No buts! I’m the adult and you’ll do as I say!” he said angrilly.
The kids all slouched and shuffelled their way to the table.
“Yeah, I’ll have two medium pizzas please. One half Mighty meaty, and the other half pepporoni and then one full margarita. Yeah please. Thanks!” Chase said.

“Guys, we gotta do something about dad. He’s goin totally cyco about the kitchen.” Jack said.
“Yeah, if I eat another pizza, I swear I’m gonna be sick!” Cornelius said.
“Wait! I have an idea!” Jack said.

He headed to the phone. Cornelius and Christian looked at each other then followed.
“Hey, sis? It’s Jack.” Jack said.
“Oh, erm, hey Jack.” Scarlet said. “I kinda need to talk to dad.”
“Good, that’s why we called you. He’s acting all strange about mum. He keeps orderin in food instead of doing the kitchen. Can you convince him to fix the kitchen so we can have proper family meals again?” Jack asked.
“Sure, that’s perfect for what I want to talk to him about.” Scarlet replied happily.

“Yo, dad, Scarls is on the phone for you.” Jack said.
“Weird, I didn’t hear the phone ring. Never mind, I’ve been wanting to hear to see how she is.” Chase said taking the phone of Jack.
“Hey Scarlet!” Chase said.
“Hey, the boys told me about the kitchen. You said mum wanted you too look after us, is feeding us pizza every night good for us? Besides, she would of wanted a proper kitchen for everyone, don’t you think?” Scarlet said.
“Ya no, your right! I’ll make the kitchen the same as before again. Thanks Scarlet!” he said.

“Oh and dad, I’ll be moving in with Jason forever now, anyways cya!” Scarlet said.
“Woah? What Scarlet?” Chase said.
“Oh dad, you even said yourself you trust in me and that I’m responsible.” Scarlet said.
“Hmmm I suppose. But moving in with him?” Chase said.
“And his wife. They’re very nice to me.” Scarlet said.
“Ok… love you!” Chase said.
“Cya dad!” Scarlet said.

4.11 Mischievious plans

8 01 2011

Warning, this chapter has certain amounts of violence, if you recently experienced any traumatic happenings please read this at a later date when it’s not so fresh. Thank you, now on with the chapter! xD

“Mum quick! I’ve brought in the twins! There’s a fire in the kitchen!” Scarlet screamed!
“Oh my god! Right you four stay out here, Scarlet your in charge! Ring the fire department and don’t let the twins or Jack go inside! I’ll fetch Chase and Gavin, and then Chase and I will fight off the fire till the firemen arrive!” Ellie screamed.

Ellie ran inside calling Chase’s name.
Gavin came outside smiling. Until he caught sight of the twins…
“Who saved the twins?” Gavin asked trying to hide aggrivation.
“I did! Isn’t it great? If I hadn’t seen the fire, they would of burn’t to death!” Scarlet said.
“Hmmm, great. Your the saviour.” Gavin said trying to smile.

Then Ellie and Chase worked hard exstingusing the flames that had already destroyed half their kitchen…

Then soon the firefighter arrived to finish the job…

And with there now being an empty kitchen, Ellie and Gavin (being either retired/unemployed) decided to design and buy another kitchen the following day.

Soon enough it was time for the twins to become children and head off to school.
From left to right there is Cornelius who become athletic and then Christian who became a workaholic.

As Scarlet was on one of her daily run routines on her treadmill, she heard her phone ring and took a break.

“Hello?” Scarlet asked.
“Hello, is this Scarlet Edon?” they said.
“Yup, sure is.” she said.
“I’m here to tell you about the DNA test you asked us to give you.” they said.
“I never asked for any…” Scarlet was interrupted.
“It appears that yourself and Chase Edon are not a match and are not related.” they said.
“Wha…” Scarlet said. “Oh, erm thank you.”
What did they mean not a match? Her dad wasn’t Chase? Then who was it.

“There’s gotta be something in Mum’s adress book about my real dad.” Scarlet said to herself.
Scarlet filtered to only men. Then she selected those entries from 16 years and 9 months ago approx.
Jason Eccles *click*
Age: 42
Adress: 52 Mikeware road Egypt
Description: Jason Eccles, ahhh. My holiday sweetheart. Ya no, until he told me he was married and then when I returned home I realised I was pregnant. I was lucky enough to get Scarlet though, nothing like Jason. 🙂

Scarlet gasped.
“How could she not tell me?” Scarlet said with anger in her voice.

*The following day*
“So, dad, if we instal these fire guards here and here, we could prevent an household fires spreading beyond the oven!” Ellie said.
Gavin had an evil grin on his face.
“Right?” Ellie said.
“Dad!” Ellie said aggrivatedly turning around.

Gavin lunged the knife into Ellie’s chest. Ellie screamed as the blood and gore flew vigilantly out of her chest. Gavin cackled.

Chase had gotten the rest of the day off as he’d succeeded on an impossible operation, and recieving a promotion. He heard Ellie’s scream and ran into the kitchen.
“Ellie!” Chase screamed running to her.

With Ellie lying bleeding to her death on the floor, Chase mourned hard.
“You evil man! She’d done nothing to you, she was an inoccent woman!” Chase said with tears in his eyes “She did nothing!” he screaming crying. “Nothing!” He screamed louder with tears in his eyes. “Your quarrel was with her mother and father, Owen and Olivia. Ellie has done nothing! I hope you rott in hell!” He whispered.
“Your right… What have I done?” Gavin said regretfully.
Gavin felt a shot run through his chest, he struggeled to breath. He fell to the floor with not control over himself.

They both lay on the cold tile floor, dead. Chase felt no happiness from the death of Gavin as he was overcrouded with sadness of his one true love. All he could think about was her… and the kids…

For just a moment before he felt all was gone, he saw her face… Looking at him. With a smile on her face.
“It’ll be ok. Just for me, look after the kids, then choose the heir. I know you’ll make the right decision. I leave everything to you till they’re adults.” Ellie said from beond the grave.

He closed his eyes and rubbed them with his hands.
He re-opened them to see Ellie no longer in front of him. But he believed she’d stayed just that little bit more to keep him going and to tell him his final wish.

“Kids, I have some… unsettling news.” Chase said.
“Why don’t you wait for mummy?” Cornelius asked.
“Ugh. Well, she already knows and asked me to tell you. Ya see, mummy and Grandad have gone to live with grandma and your other grandad. This means they cannot see you anymore.” Chase explained.
“Oh, but can I go to this place daddy? So we can all live like a happy family again?” Christian asked.
“No. You have to be an adult to go there. And sometimes, we have to go when we don’t want to.” Chase said.
Scarlet laughed.

“God, I can’t believe your actually believing this. Grandma and grandad are dead! Along with Gavin and mum! We can’t see em again, because they’ve all been buried or put in these urns!” Scarlet said pointing to the urn on the table.
“Scarlet!” Chase said. “If you truly believe these words, why do you disrespect your mother so much?” he asked.
“Why should I? She’s lied to me my whole life.” Scarlet said.
“About what?” Chase asked.
“That your not my father!” Scarlet yelled.
The room went silent.

Chase sat there for a moment, then stood up.
“Boys, I’d like to have a talk with your sister. Could you go up to your rooms and play for a bit?” Chase asked.
They nodded and walked out the room.

“How did you find out?” Chase asked.
“Don’t play dumb with me, I know you called the DNA office to ask them to call me that are DNA didn’t match.” Scarlet said aggrivatedly.
“No I didn’t!” Chase said.
“I know you did.” Scarlet said.
“Scarlet, listen. I did not tell them to call you about are DNA.” Chase said.

“So you really didn’t?” Scarlet asked.
“No! But I bet I know who did. Gavin.” Chase said angrilly.
“Why him?” Scarlet asked.
“Becuase he stabbed your mother in the chest, tried to burn you twin brothers to death and made our lives hell.” Chase said.
“Oh. Sorry Chase.” Scarlet said.

“Scarlet, call me dad still. I may not be your real dad, but I’m your step dad.” Chase said.
“But mum’s dead. Your not technically an Edon anymore. So how can you have any right to be my step dad?” Scarlet asked.
“Because I loved your mother and she loved me! She asked me to look after you kids before she died!” Chase said.
“But you love Cornelius and Christian more than us though!” Scarlet screamed.
“No I don’t! When I first met your mother, I was there for you, not her. So really, I love you the most!” Chase said.
“You don’t know what father daughter relationships are! That’s why I’m going to Egypt, to see my dad!” Scarlet screamed.

“Your what? No. I forbid you.” he said.
“I have to.” Scarlet said looking into his eyes.
There was a long silence.
“I’ll think about it. You should too.” Chase said.
“Ok.” Scarlet said.

“I love you Scarlet. Your my little girl. I will never forget that, and I hope you don’t either.” Chase said. “I care so much for you.”
“I know.” Scarlet replied. “I know.”

4.10 God I hate her…

2 01 2011

Scarlet is currently explaining a story about what happened on her first day of school and why she is upset about it, this is why I’m telling it in first person to explain feelings. I also put it in first person as she is telling the story. That’s all 🙂

As I headed towards the swimming board, i saw a swimming themed sign. It was extremely cheesy. I laughed to myself. I couldn’t believe that teachers were trying to pass this off to teenagers to get them interested in swimming. I looked down for a pen, but as I did I heard an extremely annoying voice. I decided not to “judge a book by it’s cover” and smile sweetly to the voice.

I looked at her. She had a large evil grin on her face and was giggling to herself. She had very heavy make up on, and seemed to be wearing the school cheerleading outfit. She looked about a year older then me, but certainly not brighter. Once again I didn’t “judge a book by it’s cover”, and decided to see what she had to say.
“Your Scarlet Edon? I expected more of you. Aparently you have a really pretty and elegent mother. Unfortunatly you inhereited your dad’s looks.” She said laughing at me. “Then again, your are some medical intern and rookie athlete’s daughter.” she said laughing.
Then again, I suppose I was pretty good at judging books by their covers. And heck, this was a nasty peice of work.
“Hey! My dad is a neurosurgeon, he’s just one promotion away from being a famous docter. And don’t even get me started on my mother, she’s a sports legend! She’s won multiple sports awards and everywhere she goes she’s surrounded by fans and asked for autographs.” I replied defencifly.

“Arrrr, sweet. I always knew kids thought more of their parents then they actually were. Probably because they feel sorry for them. Unlike my father who owns virtually every buisness in town, including the stadium making him your mothers boss!” She replied rhetarrically.
“What? Not the hospital? Too expensive for you?” I said.
“Actually no. The owners arn’t selling, for any price. Something about some family value. I dunno what that is. And besides I have a name, Edon. It’s Elizabeth Higgins.” she said snobbily.
“Anyway, let’s get down to why I actually came over to an excuse for a first year like you. This year the school are only submitting one male and one female swimming competiter. Myself and my boyfriend hold those places, so you better not sign up for the female position.” she said defencivly.
“Just watch me.” I said evily.
“Oh I wouldn’t do that if I was you.” She said.

“Oh yeah, why not?” I said angrily.
“Because Edon, as I said before, my father owns the sports arena, he could give bad press, remove an award, or just generally fire your mum.” she said laughing.

“Your such a loser!” she laughed at me.

“You should see your face! Priceless…” she laughed.
“Remember, you dare put your name up, and it will be the end of your mother’s career.” she said smiling.

Now switching back into third person. 🙂

“You see, that’s why mum cannot know! She’ll make me join for my future, then loose her job!” Scarlet said.
“I understand now. Your mum’s like that. She always put’s everyone else first. She needs to know though Scarlet!” Chase insisted.
“No! You promised you wouldn’t tell her!” Scarlet said.
“But Scarlet this is way too big. I know you don’t want her to know, but I must tell her. You’ve got to see it from our prospective. If I get my next promotion, I’ll have an amazing job with a great pay, and we’ll be on easy street. We’ve also got the inheritence from your grandma, and it’ll be fine for us. Then you’ll also get into your swimming competitions.” Chase said.
“I can’t tell her. I just can’t.” Scarlet said.
“Then I will.” Chase said.

“What? Seriously?” Ellie asked.
“Yeah. Scarlet signs up. You loose your job.” Chase said dissapointedly.

“God, that bitch will never put herself before her mother and family.” Elizabeth said evily.
“Good good. Make sure under no circumstances, that even if Scarlet puts herself first, that she doesn’t make it through the competition. I’ll try to make some of my own but it’s up to you to win the competetion.” the voice said.
“Jeez, calm down, I’m way too good, I’ll win hands down if it comes to that! Anyway, why do you want revenge on Edon? I know I want too because she always seems to get good grades and looks, but I’m stuck with straight d’s and this horrible nose.” Elizabeth said.
“Because… I knew her grandmother. I hated her… and her damn husband too! I want revenge on that whole damn family. What effects the whole family? The legacy. I’m ruining them all one by one, till the legacy is a cheap run out failures who end up on the streets.” the voice said evilly.” Scarlet not getting a career, Jack becoming a criminal, and the twins… mysteriously dying in a fire.” the voice said evilly.
Elizabeth laughed but a bit unsurely about killing the twins.

“Oh mum. Are you sure I should sign? It’s something silly to loose your job over isn’t it?” Scarlet asked.
“Scarlet, Scarlet, Scarlet. How many times do I have to tell you, I’m not going to loose my job.” Ellie said.
“But mum you are! It’s going to happen. No matter how much you wish for it not too.” Scarlet said realisticly.
“But Scarlet I’ve told you. I have a plan! It’ll work out, I promise.” Ellie said.
“Only if your sure.” Scarlet said.
“Positive.” Ellie said.

“Edon, what are you doing?” Elizabeth screamed at Scarlet.
“What does it look like? I’m putting my name down….” Scarlet said.
“But I…” Elizabeth was interrupted.
“Yes, I know. But my family is stronger then any threat. So you can take your threat and shove it where the sun don’t shine, okay misses?” Scarlet said.
“You’ll regret for this Edon, you will!” Elizabeth said angrily.

“You wanted me sir?” Ellie asked politely.
“Yes, Ellie, this is a very… erm… delicate matter.” her boss said.
“I know sir.” Ellie said.
“I’ve loved you all these years you’ve worked for the stadium, but sadly my bosses boss, who is the owner, just didn’t want you working here anymore. I’m sorry Ellie.” her boss said.
“No. I’m not.” Ellie said smiling.
“Oh Ellie. You are I’m sorry.” her boss said again.
“But I’m not!” Ellie said.

“Sir, your looking at the new co-owner of the stadium.” Ellie said smiling.
“Oh, oh! Congratulations Mrs Edon! You’ve done quite well with yourself. How did you get the boss to agree with selling stock?” he asked smiling.

“Mr Higgins, how delighful too meet you! I’m Mrs Edon.” Ellie said.
“Oh Mrs Edon, I suppose you heard about yourself being fired. I’m sorry, but with your daughter saying such nasty things…” he was interrupted.
“Oh I know I know Mr Higgins. What are girls like aye?” she said.
“What? I heard Scarlet was bullying her?!?!” he asked surpirsed.
“Oh.” Ellie said laughing. “What they make up aye? They’re always coming round our place, their the best of friends. They’ve just had a little fall out, that’s all. They’ll be friends again within a week.” Ellie said smiling.
“Oh, sorry Mrs Edon, If I knew.” he said.
“Oh it’s ok it’s ok. Just do me a favour?” Ellie said.
“Anything.” he said smiling.
“Let me buy the stadium.” Ellie said.
“Oh Mrs Edon, I cannot do tha
t. But I could however, offer your a share.” he said smiling.
“Let me know more.” Ellie said.

“So. Mum… What happened?” Scarlet asked worriedly.
“I told you. I had a plan. And I stuck to it. Your now looking at the co-owner to the stadium!” Ellie said excitedly.
“Woah! Cool! But, how did you get Mr Higgins to sell? Elizabeth told him to fire you because she disliked me or something.” Scarlet said confused.
“Well, she told him you’d been bullying her. But I told him you were the best of friends coming over here all the time! And that this was just a little argument.” Ellie said laughing.
Scarlet laughed. “Your an amazing liar mum!” she said.
“Now go and get changed, I bet you can get in several laps in the pool before dinner.” Ellie said smiling.
“Cool.” Scarlet said.

As Scarlet opened her dresser to get out one of her many swimming bikini’s or costumes, she heard a beep from her computer. It sounded like an e-mail.

She walked over to the laptop and looked at it.
E-mail from pinkcat53@yahoo.co.uk (annonomous) Subject: OPEN ASAP EMERGANCY!!!
She clicked to open it.
Save the twins! Take them outside right now Scarlet! Right now! They need saving! They’re in the kitchen! Go!

“Oh officer, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what’s come over him. He’s always been such a sweet innoccent boy!” Ellie said.
“If he was older, I’d be able to put him in prison.” the officer said. “Son, stealing is a serious offence, you could be in jail for years, without seeing your family. Don’t let me catch you doing it again, otherwise you’re mother will see a fine coming her way.” the officer said.

“Jack, why? Why have you done this? This is a really bad thing to do!” Ellie said.
“But, I was told that it was ok, and that everyone does it!” Jack said.
“What? Of course not Jack. People pay to make those things and pay to put them on the shelves, the least you can do it pay for it.” Ellie said.
“Ok I’m really sorry mum, I’ll never do it again.” Jack said.
“You’d better not, otherwise the man will make us pay money, then your even less likely to get the things you want. Besides Jack, If you wanted that game,

I would of been happy to pay you for doing odd jobs around the house.” Ellie said smiling. “Now, who told you this was ok?” Ellie asked aggrivatedly.
Jack was about to say who, until he realised that they’d asked Jack not to tell.
“It was that guy from school John.” Jack lied.
“I told you to stay away from him Jack. He’s not nice to you or the other kids.” Ellie said.
“Ok. I love you mum. Your always there for me.” Jack said smiling.

What will happen to the twins? Will Scarlet save them in time? Will Jack steal again? Who’s doing all these horrid things to seek revenge on the Edons? Find out next chapter =D