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6 02 2011

I’m sorry but I’ll have to stop the story here. I’ve found yet another problem with my game. After multiple problems, too much custom content (that cannot be removed until the legacy is over), I’ve decided to stop the legacy. Fortunatly, the story has not stopped on a cliffhanger, therefore, your minds will be at ease. 🙂 Again, I apologise. :S Thank you to all my loyal readers and farewell! 🙂 Maybe a story next time? Then I won’t have all these long term problems…


5.3 Joshua

5 02 2011

After… the incident, Joy and Chris soon forgot everything and got back into routines..
“And that’s all that needs finishing!” Chris said.
After a long silence Chris talked again. “Woah…”
“What is it?” Joy asked.
“This is all that needs doing…” Chris said.
“Yeah. It’s coming towards the end of my time with you.” Joy said.

“But that’s exactly my point! I feel so horrible that I won’t be able to see you again.” Chris said takin Joy hands, she pushed them away.
“But we will see each other!” Joy said.
“But not everyday like this! That’s what scares me the most. I’ll miss not being able to see you every day, I’ll miss your scent, I’ll miss not being able to lovingly stare into your eyes… I’ll miss you!” Chris said.
“No!” Joy said pushing Chris away and running out the room.

Chris chased after her.
“What is it Joy… What’ve I done to hurt you, what’ve I done to stop you letting me touch you and hug you?” Chris asked.
“No. It’s not you… It’s me… It’s my problem.” Joy said with tears running down her soft red cheeks…
“Then tell me.” Chris said.
“It’s a long story…” Joy said.
“I don’t care… Tell me!” Chris said.
“Ok…” Joy said.

His name was Joshua. He was my true love, at least I thought…

He was very romantic and we spent every moment with each other.

Until… the day. He decided to leave to fight in the war, I begged him to stay but he had his mind set on it… So I let him go.

But the man who returned several years later was not the man I knew.

“Oh Joshua! I’m so glad your back!” I said pulling him in for a kiss.
He pushed me away.
“Get off me!” he yelled.
“I was only trying too…” he interrupted me with an abrupt slap on the face!

“You’re my woman, and you don’t get to order me around! In fact it’s the other way around!” he yelled in anger.

I looked at his eyes. I looked for that loving caring man I once knew…

But all I saw was an emotionless recruit from the army.

I tried looking for that loving Joshua… but he was not there. I saw one that fought for fun.

One that would freak out if they couldn’t light the fire properly…

One that would constantly call me “his property” and one that hit me at the most minor of things.

And worst of all, he… did horrible things to me at night.

So one night, I took some money from the bank, and ran! Ran as far as my legs would take me!

And I stumbled upon your town. I used the money I took from Joshua, and bought a small house and became an interior designer.

“Ever since Joshua I’ve been afraid to be touched or be loved. But I couldn’t stop loving anyone who is perfect… Someone like you! But I swore to myself I wouldn’t let it become anything more, because when I first met Joshua, he was perfect. That’s why it can never be Chris…” Joy said.

“Oh Joy… I’m sorry. But, I’m sure I’d never go away to the army or do anything drastic like that. I’m a skimpy buisness man, I can barley lift a gun let alone use one.” Chris joked.
“I… I… I think you right Chris… And I’ve been fighting you away, when really, I should of been pulling you closer…” Joy said.

And they kissed amourously and had finally fallen in love!

5.2 Alone…

30 01 2011

And maybe we could go out to lunch tommorrow? I’m off work.” Chris said.

“Ok, whatever.” Mandie said moving towards Chris.

“Hey Mandie, where are you?” Chris said.
“Erm… What do ya mean?” Mandie asked.
“Remember, are lunch plans that we discussed last night?” Chris asked.

“Oh… erm… sorry I got kinda… caught up….” Mandie said trying not to laugh.
“Oh.. where at?” Chris asked.
“Oh erm… I’m at a job interview, I’m in the waiting room.” Mandie lied.
“Well ok. Maybe we can meet up tommorrow for lunch?” Chris asked.
“Sure.” Mandie said.

Chris ended the call… His girlfriend couldn’t come… and he’d prepared this great picnic for them… He may as well of eaton it… but he’d of looked like a loner if he ate it by himself, so he decided to eat it with Joy!
“Hello? Is this Joy?” Chris asked.
“Erm, yea, who’s this?” she asked.
“It’s Chris, I was wondering, my girlfriend couldn’t join me for lunch at the beach, I was thinking maybe you could join me and bring me some of the designs for the cafe?” Chris asked.
“Sure. I’d love to.” Joy said. “I’ll be there in 10!”

So they sat and ate together, discussing their interests making small talk. Realising all their mutual interests, they became good friends.

“Thank you so much Joy for coming…” Chris said.
“No, no no. I had fun. I hope we can do this again sometime.” Joy said smiling.
“Yeah, and I love those sketches, keep doing that I know it’s going to be perfect.” Chris said smiling.
They looked into each others eyes and they locked for a moment, then Joy looked away.

Then Chris tried to hug Joy but she pushed him away.
“I’m sorry… I… I…” Joy then ran off full of embarressment.

“Hey Mandie.” Chris said walking through the front door.
“Oh hey.” she said happily.
“How did the interview go?” Chris asked.
“The what? Oh, right, the interview! It was fine.” Mandie said.
“And were definetly still on for tommorrow lunch right?” Chris asked.
“Oh right. About that. Erm, well they wanted to know if I could come back to them for the callbacks tommorrow lunch.” Mandie lied.
“Oh. Well ya know, that’s fine. I’ll just go over some more sketches with Joy.” Chris said sadly.

“Hey Cornelius.” Chris said.
“Hey Bro.” Cornelius said happier than normal.
“You wouldn’t happen to know why Mandie’s been acting a little… strangle lately do you?” Chris asked.

“Erm what?” Cornelius asked.
“I just thought you might know coz you spend virtually every day with her while I’m away at work.” Chris said.
“We don’t really talk much.” Cornelius lied.

“Well, could you watch her for me? Especially tommorrow lunchtime?” Chris asked.
“Sure.” Cornelius lied.

*The following day at lunch*
“Joy about yesterday… I…” Chris was interupted.
“No. Don’t apologize, it’s me… I just… oh it doesn’t matter. Forgive and forget?” Joy asked.
“About what?” Chris said smiling. “You ready to go?”
“Yeah, but I was thinking, I’ve got a load of sketches and paper and stuff, I think it might be easier to go in your office to show you, is that ok?” Joy asked.
“Yeah sure… We can go to my office… If that’s what you call it.” Chris joked.

“I love this theme! I really think everything works well together. But if we…” Chris was interrupted by a bang.
Chris and Joy looked at each other then ran to where the noise came from.

As they arrived at where the bang had come from. They realised an alarm clock and been pushed on the floor from someones foot… because Mandie was in bed with another man.

They soon realised the other man was Cornelius.
Mandie and Cornelius ran over to Christian.
“Oh my gosh, Chris I’m so sorry, Cornelius was like all over me!” Mandie said.
“That’s a lie! She’s been trying to get into my pants since the day she moved in!” Cornelius yelled.

“Do you even think I give one about who came onto whom? I’m not taking any lies today! I know you’ve been acting strangly for a while… Both of you! Who knows how long you’ve been doing this behind my back!” Chris yelled.
“Chris I…” Cornelius was interrupted.

“No! I want you out of my house! Both of you! Mandie were over, and Cornelius, I can’t belive you’ve done this to me! How can I ever call you my brother again?” Chris yelled.

“It’s ok Chris… It’ll be fine… I’m sure.” Joy said hopefully.
“But it won’t… I’ve lost Mandie, I’ve lost my brother, and I’m never going to find a wife at this rate!” Chris said.
“Of course you are Chris! Your only 22! You’ve got your whole life ahead of you.” Joy said helpfully.
“You know, your right! Mandie was just some high school romance, and she’d of never amounted to being the mother of a whole household! I’ve still got years to live! Thanks Joy. You know just what to say.” Chris said smiling.

“This is great! Now we can be together and love each other without having to hide it!” Mandie said.

“No we can’t Mandie! Do you know what you’ve cost me? Where I live, my father, my brother, and heck, even my clothes! I’m standing here in my underwear! I’d starve to death before I laid eyes on you again!” Cornelius said angrily.
“No! Your a slut and you’d probably cheat on me when you know you could have me! Goodbye Mandie!” Cornelius yelled walking away.

“But…but….” Mandie said. “I’ve lost two men I truly love… What’ve I done?” Mandie said.

5.1 Joy

29 01 2011

Christian and Cornelius eventually decided on a small party with Mandie as Cornelius couldn’t decide on which girl to invite. Unfortunatly, Chase got called out at the very begginning of the party as their was an emergency at the hospital.

All three of them turned into some pretty cool adults…

Suddenly the music stopped. Corey sighed.
“It’s ok, I’ll fix it.” Christian said walking over to the sound system.

He looked at the system, the ipod had just not been put in correctly, he took it out and put it back in again.

He turned around and saw his own girlfriend trying to kiss his twin brother! Luckily his brother would not kiss Christian’s girlfriend.

“How could you Mandie?” Christian said.
“Your brother was giving me flirty looks, and you did nothing about it. Besides, I know you’ve been with that Jenny girl from school, so I thought I’d get you back.” Mandie said smugly.
“What? Who the heck’s Jenny?” Christian asked.

“Oh. Erm… I thought you and her were… Oh she must of said that to make me jelous. Sorry Christian. I didn’t mean…” Mandie was interrupted.
“Why would I cheat on you Mandie?” Christian asked.
“Well, becuase your so amazing and much too good for me…” she said.
“Ohh Mandie… I’m sorry… I promise, your mine and we’ll always be together.” he said smiling.

As they hugged Cornelius saw Mandie wink at him. Or was it just him imagining things?

Chase arrived home and went to see them.
“Christian, now your a young adult, I’m going to make you the official heir. Just come with me to the kitchen and we can sign over the papers.” Chase said smiling.
“Sounds good.” Christian said following Chase.

They signed the deeds over and the cheque, and then Chase had another surprise for him.
“Listen, Chris, I know you planning on collecting the local buisnesses and making some of your own, so heres a headstart.” He said smiling handing over a deed for a lot. “It’s not much, just an empty lot in town, you can do what you wish with it. As long as you make me proud.” Chase said smiling.

Chris ran over to Chase and hugged him.
“Thank you so much dad. I’d never be able to live without you. You are my rock.” Chris said smiling.

Mandie put her hands around Cornelius’ head.
“Remember Corey, you can have me… anytime you want… But tell Chris, and I’ll tell him you attacked me!” she said.

They saw Chase and Chris coming towards them and Christian stole a kiss of Mandie.
“The house and everything is now offically mine! But. I only want it if your here with me too, will you move in with us?” Christian asked.
“That sounds great! Oh my gosh I can’t wait to live with a you, your dad and Cornelius!” she said excitedly.

*Several days later*
“I’m going out for an interview, I dunno how long I’ll be, but dad’ll be home in an hour or two. So you”ll be able to look after Mandie for me will ya?” Chris asked.
“So it’ll just be me… and Mandie?” Corey asked.
“Don’t look so worried, she’s real nice. Just watch t.v or something… She’s not gonna bite!” Chris said laughing walking out the door.

“Hey babe.” Mandie said leaning in for a hug.

“What’s wrong with me?” Mandie asked.

“Nothing nothing… To be honest in high school, I thought you were pretty hot!” Corey said.
“Then why do you reject me?” Mandie whined.

“Becuase…. your with my brother. And no matter how much we could be, I cannot betraye my own brother for a young, hot babe like you!” Corey said.
“I understand. No matter how much, me, Mandie, loves you… you can’t…” Mandie said.

Corey pulled Mandie in and kissed her… then pushed away…

“What is it now?” Mandie said.
“No this isn’t right…” Corey said storming off.

The boys were definetly growing up, as was Chase. With as many wrinkles on his face as his age, but wouldn’t admit it. He refused to retire and kept on his career in medicine, even though there was no chance for promotion.

Christian then decided it was time to get working on his lot, since he had virtually no style, he decided to interview interior designers to see who he’d like to hire. But first, he needed an office. So he converted the old never used living room to his temporaril office… he decided that he would choose a designer, and if they were good, he could hire them to redesign his house.

As he sat down, he heard a knock at the door… it was his first interviewee, Darlene.

“Hiya Chris!” she said excitedly sitting down.
“Hello Miss Jasper, please if you could, call me Mr Edon.” Christian said with an aggrivated tone.
“Oh, sorry!” she said holding in laughter.
“So why did you apply for this position?” Christian asked.
“Well, I’ve just finished school and I really want some cash so I can out with my friends and I just designed my friend’s mum’s living room and she totally loved it so when I saw this ad in the paper, I thought ‘I could do that!’… Speaking about that, how much does it actually pay?” she said.

“And if, not that you will, but if you were to design something I disliked, and I told you, what would you say and do about it?” Christian asked.
“Nothing. I’ve done my job and I deserve to be paid.” she said in a demanding voice.

“And you respect other peoples possesions?” Christian asked.
“Oh certainly.” he said eyeing up something in Christian’s cabinet.

Christian was about to give up when a girl named Joy Crawford walked in. She was very timide, but was perfect for the job! She ticked every box.
“And Joy, if I was to dissaprove, not that I will, just hypathetically, if I disliked some of the work, what would you do?” Chris asked.
“I’d apologize, ask for what needs fixing and do it and efficiently as I can! If there’s no time to do the work for you, even though I have a flexible schedule, I can fully refund you.” Joy said not making eye contact.

“Well Joy.” Chris said walking up to her. “I think it’s safe to say you’ve got the job.” he said smiling.
“Me? I got the job? But, surely there were better auditionees?” Joy said.
“Well yeah, if you include keptomatics and one of those types who work to live… I think you were pretty much the worst one who came into this room!” Christian said sarcastically then laughing.
Joy laughed.

“So when is my deadline? And, what style do you want?” Joy asked.
“Well it’s all on the summary sheet I gave out. I have no deadline and really just go for it, if it’s stylish and themed, then I’m happy.” Chris said smiling.
“Well… erm ok… Should I come back say… tommorrow morning say 10ish to show you my first drafts?” Joy said.
“You don’t need to rush! Have an extra day, come on Monday! Joy, there’s one thing you should know about me, as long as the jobs done, I’m a pretty laid back guy.” Chris said smiling.
There was an awkward silence…
“Well… I better be off! Bye Mr Edon.” Joy said.
“Goodbye Joy, and please, call me Chris!” he said.